O2i Surviving Covid-19

by Vicki @ O2i in Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom

O2i Surviving Covid-19


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For my business to survive the current COVID-19 situation and come out the other side with bookings and a viable business!

by Vicki @ O2i in Eastleigh, England, United Kingdom

I am one of the self employed minority who is not being helped by the governments measures at this time - I don't want handouts I just want to be able to survive this difficult time and come out the other side with a business and a roof over my head !  I am a self employed sole occupant private renter so do not qualify for support, 80% wages payments, mortgage relief or any other measures. 

My business is a non essential face to face service so bookings are being cancelled and there is no new take up.

In exchange for financial pledges NOW I am offering BIG discounts on future equine, canine and feline massage therapy treatments.

Also in current times I can offer biosecure, experienced, professional (and insured!) assistance to people with horses and other animals that are struggling to maintain levels of care at this time and am happy to do so at a reduced rate.  I am happy to lone work, and complete work at unsociable times if it makes it easier to remain isolated - I can muck out, tend to horses and poo pick at night if it helps!

I can also provide biosecure services with no person to person contact and complete clean down upon arrival and exit of myself, tools and everything I come into contact with.

Basically whatever you need to ensure the wellbeing of your horses at this time I am sure I can help and am happy to discuss your needs.  If money is a concern don't worry, it is for all of us, I'm not trying to be greedy I just want to get by the same as everyone else!

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