On-Demand skilled staff and temporary worker supplier, seamlessly supplying temporary staff and workmen to businesses across the UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Project Summary

O-HourJob is a UK based disruptive technology and business platform that when operational, will become UK only On-Demand skilled staff and temporary worker supply platform. Operating as an online based emergency staff/worker supply company serving (1) such businesses and companies that might not want to employ permanent workers or those looking for a quick replacement for their staff who did not turn up for work or called in sick and (2) individuals looking for a temporary work placement. Adopting a high street employment agency model of supplying workers to companies and businesses though, the difference will be on our staff supply approach, 100% technology based service delivery and the limitless coverage of our services.

While high street employment agencies have boundaries where they basically serve businesses within a limited distance, our 100% technology based service will have no boundaries. O-HourJob will be able to supply workers to businesses and companies across the UK from a single office, empowering registered workmen to make split seconds decision if they are interested in a particular job and when they are available to work, while providing hiring and business managers the opportunity to hire a temporary staff on the go.

Empowering hirers to search and choose temporary workmen nearest to them that meets their specific needs or requirements, available to start/work temporarily on short notice or zero hour contract from a pool of candidate’s available on the platform without going through 3rd party recruitment agencies who often shortchange the workmen they supplied.

O-HourJob platform will provide registered workmen with the flexibility they need and limit the number of days and hours they spend doing nothing without knowing when their next call for work will come in. Providing a facility which will indicate when a registered workman is available for work so he/she can be contacted, against the traditional system where high street employment companies randomly call their workmen up for work, categorising each workman according to their experience, areas of expertise, availability, distance willing to cover, days and hours available for work all of which a hirer will see prior to selection.

Project Justification

  • Ability to supply temporary skilled staff/workmen anywhere in the UK within minutes
  • Providing registered workmen the opportunity to choose where to work, when to work and what time and days to work
  • Empowering the skillfully unemployed people in the UK to utilise their skills while working for UK businesses of their chosen
  • Helping UK businesses reduce the lost often incured from hiring unskilled and inexperienced temporary workmen
  • Introducing technological innovation to the traditional high street employment agencies
  • Providing a one-stop-shop where hirer's and workmen across the country can meet
  • Redefining zero hour contract jobs while improving the living standard of UK temporary workmen by providing them more work opportunities

State of Project

The project is currently at the seed stage and I intend to commence development as soon as the campaign target is realised. Deevelopment and launching of O-HourJob will take between 3-5 months.

Use of Funding

I intend to part-fund this project while seeking additional funding to assist in developing Android and Iphone based mobile applications for my platform as I believe most of O-HourJob users will be accessing the platform through their mobile devices. I want O-HourJob to be as usable and innovative as possible so there are cool features that will be provided to make it truely On-Demand.

This funding will also assist during the early stage of business operations especially in promotion and marketing