Nutritious Vegan Ready Meals delivered to you UK

by Jenna Thomas in Westcliff On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Nutritious Vegan Ready Meals delivered to you UK


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Bridging the gap between dishing out hundreds of meals a week in my tiny home kitchen by myself, to a kitchen unit creating jobs for others.

by Jenna Thomas in Westcliff On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Healthy food is my passion, intertwined with a need to raise awareness of the impact that food production has on the animals, the planet & the people. The food market, both vegan & non vegan, is saturated with ‘food’ that is not only dangerous for human health but also damaging to the planet.

At Green Elephant Kitchen, I create in my tiny home kitchen, nutritiously wholesome organic vegan ready meals & desserts, delivering them to my customers locally in eco packaging that is not only recyclable but also compostable. No wheat, no gluten, no soy, no refined sugar, no palm, no sunflower oil, no added nasties like artificial preservatives, thickeners & flavourings. Made with lots of love & positive intention!

With so many followers reaching out to me with their desire to not only eat the healthy food I create, but to also learn how to create super healthy meals for themselves & others, your help is needed!

Would you like nutritious & delicious vegan ready meals delivered to your door? Available in supermarkets? I hear you positively responding YES!! I ask you to please share what you can to enable this mission to launch!

The mission... a commercial kitchen unit outside of my home with a shop front for diners & shoppers to enjoy, that will create jobs for others enabling more healthy vegan ready meals & desserts to be created & delivered not only locally but ALL OVER THE UK to your front door & supermarkets!! Not just that! .....

I am constantly researching & increasing my knowledge on food, nutrition, how our bodies use food to heal, & the impact food has on us & the planet. This information I love to share with others! Food brings people together on a journey so let’s make this a healthy & happy one!  Affordable & FREE workshops where people can learn to create nutritious meals is also a part of my mission, alongside encouraging others to grow their own food with an understanding of how & why.
I grow organic food in my garden & on my allotment plot which I use in my cooking. An amazing & rewarding experience. Learning respect for nature and all that is provided for us. Home grown really does taste better!

And yes, my recipe book is still in the making!

I ask you to please share in this mission with me! Donate as little or as much as you can, share the mission with the crowdfunder link, mention it to friends, talk about nutritious & delicious food & how plants can heal us. Break the idea that healthy food has to be bland & boring & exclude all delicious treats! Think about what is at the forefront of your personal well being. Health & happiness begins in the kitchen!
You can check out Green Elephant Kitchen via facebook or instagram...
Gratitude, Peace & Infinite Love to ALL beings, Jen

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