Plant-Based Cheese Small Business Start Up

by saycheaseuk in Bournemouth, Dorset, Reino Unido

Plant-Based Cheese Small Business Start Up


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I am raising funds to get an industrial kitchen in order to expand my handmade nut cheese production

by saycheaseuk in Bournemouth, Dorset, Reino Unido

Hi! My name is Abigail, I'm a Chef and Nutritionist and I love healthy plant-based food. I am also the one who makes all the saycheaseuk cheeses.

The thing I struggled the most when I made the leap to a plant-based diet was cheese. I have always been a cheese lover and at first I missed it a lot. I didn't want to resign myself to a life without good cheese and wine, as for me they are the best pleasures of gastronomy.

So I started studying about fermentations, researching about ripening processes with natural cultures and experimenting with them until I got an absolutely lactic-acid taste, excellent for my exquisite cheese-loving palate.

When I started working on my plant-based cheese recipes, I wanted to achieve a unique and special taste that was reminiscent of milk cheese without trying to be, but that was also a real food that would bring benefits to our bodies.


The health benefits of saycheaseuk cheeses are endless... Due to their vegetable origin, their main base composition is 88.9% nuts, 71.1% cashew nuts which are heart-healthy fats and pure vegetable protein and 17.8% almonds which are the highest in calcium of all nuts and are also high in fibre and vitamin E. The calories in each cheese will depend on the ingredients in the cheese and the amount consumed. It is important for the consumer to differentiate between empty calories and quality calories, which are those that provide energy. Like the calories in nuts.

To the fermentation I add probiotics which are good for our health as they help balance the friendly bacteria in our digestive system, can help reduce the symptoms of certain digestive disorders and also fill the intestine with this type of beneficial bacteria that promote our overall health. 

Chease is also cruelty-free and sustainable for the planet, as well as providing essential nutrients that promote human health. It contains no lactose, gluten, preservatives or artificial flavourings. It is a fermented food, it has live bacteria that offer a protective barrier against pathogens and toxins, as well as improving our digestions and making them lighter. 

And finally, all packaging is plastic-free and can be recycled. saycheaseuk actively works to preserve the planet because I believe it is an essential function of any business.


I started my company saycheaseuk only 11 months ago and to this day I am still running the company by myself. I prepare the cheese, ferment it, mould it, cure it, package it, take pictures of it and post a lot on social media every day to try to promote my small business. During all this time, I have had to study and train in many fields to improve my skills in marketing, photography and advertising as well as offering local delivery of my product every weekend for almost a year now and this is something I love and enjoy because it allows me to meet and talk to my customers every weekend.

I also ship cheeses all over the UK, all run from my little house where I manage everything myself.

Last but not least, I also smoke naturally and personally all the cheeses in the smoked range that I offer at saycheaseuk. I have many customers who do not follow a plant-based diet but love and recognise an authentic natural smoked flavour. 


I opened the online shop just 11 months ago and the orders have grown at an incredible rate with a lot of hard work, effort and time. 

During this time, I have received very good reviews about my cheeses and I have gained many regular customers who enjoy my product every weekend.

I have also started working with some local businesses and I am currently supplying chease in a few local stores such as 'Sunrise Organics' 'Just 1 Swap', both based in Bournemouth, 'Two Rivers Refill' located in Christchurch and also some local catering services like 'Ginger and Pickle' and 'Bournemouth & Poole Mobile Market'. Also I collaborate with a couple of restaurants one of them it is 'Delish Deli' in Bournemouth and 'Batch Deli' in Manchester. 


This project is very important to me because achieving the budget I am aiming for would mean being able to carry out the production and distribution of my product, which is pioneering in the UK, because although there are vegan alternatives to cheese on the market, my vegan cheese is artisan, handmade and made without any additives. It is made using the same ancient processes as dairy cheese but with all the benefits of plants. 

All of the donations will be going towards renting and equipping a commercial kitchen space where I can prepare and mature the cheeses and further increasing the weekly output capacity and expanding the range of cheeses. 

Besides if I get all this and finally move my small business to an industrial kitchen I would need to hire the first saycheaseuk helper and I would be honoured to share my passion and work with more chease lovers!

Please, feel free to visit my work at

I hope that you can be part of my chease story going forward.






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