Nursing Assitant training for Gerald Wasswa

Nursing Assitant training for Gerald Wasswa

Gerald is newly arrived in the United States after being granted asylum there, these funds will enable him to train as a nursing assistant.

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Project aim

Gerald is newly arrived in the United States after being granted asylum, these funds will enable him to train as a nursing assistant.

About the project

Gerald grew up in Uganda and I got to know him about three years ago.  We chatted on Facebook and Gerald talked about his life as a gay man living in Uganda with its increasingly oppressive anti-gay laws.  After not hearing from him for a while I messaged him on Facebook and he replied saying things were not going well.  

His family had thrown him out on discovering that he was gay, saying he was possessed by a demon. Even worse, a relative told the local people that Gerald was gay and he started to fear for his safety and life.  Fleeing Uganda he went to Kenya as a refugee. Initially living in the refugee camp Gerald soon heard of gay men who had been murdered in the camp and not feeling safe he left and rented a flat with support from the Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) Program. After three months this money was removed and he was in a difficult place: not wanting ot return to the camp but also having no funds to support him independently. I discussed his case with Paul Penny, the chair of The Rainbow International Fund, which supports gay men in difficulty around the world. Paul had spoken with Gerald and was able to confirm the information he had given about the camp and the need for independant living arrangments.   We were able to provide support for Gerald whilst his assylum claim was processed and he has now been granted asylum in America.

Gerald's case was scrutinised by the UNHCR who vet refugees and the American Embassy in Kenya then further scrutinised his case before issuing him with his asylum status. Having gone through this process in Africa he is now officially accepted in to America so there will be no further checks as his case for asylum has been accepted. It's now a case of him settling in and finding work. He has a case worker who is supporting him with cultural orientation but he does not have any access to free or reduced cost training. He has the opportunity to train as a nursing assistant which would open up well paid work for him but he needs the funds to pay for this course.    

Please help make Gerald self-sufficient and know that your contribution along with others will make a huge difference to one person's life. 

For more details of the course Gerald plans to take and the training college click here

Gerald's case was processed by the Resetlement Support Centre and the screen shot below shows it as it was progressing through its various stages. Below that is th edocument confirming his refugee staus in Kenya.


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