Nurish in the community

by nurishcafe in Isle of Wight

Nurish in the community
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Health & Wellbeing lifestyle company starting with a healthy cafe / takeaway in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

by nurishcafe in Isle of Wight

The Concept - a wellbeing lifestyle company beginning with a health food cafe / takeaway in Newport on the Isle of Wight.


Health and wellness are so important in life, yet so many people are not well and not healthy. Diabetes, obesity and similar conditions are becoming more widespread these days and I want to do what I can to bring about change. My long term plan is to create a wellbeing lifestyle company which educates and inspires people to look after themselves, value their health and enjoy their lives. First off I will open a cafe offering healthy takeaway food and drinks, its so difficult in my area to find something genuinely nutritious for lunch and I will fill that market gap. This will be much more than just an eatery - the cafe will be a meeting place for like minded folk from around the Island and will become a part of the community, it will play a large part in advertising other wellbeing / alternative businesses and create a 'healthy presence' on the Island.


On the back of this I will then look to create a simple education programme for children and adults which teaches them the importance and benefits of taking care of themselves, body & mind, and I will promote this programme whenever and wherever I can by walking the walk. I will involve with local charities and community events, schools and government bodies, give talks on public radio and grow the presence of Nurish as a health and wellness company, initially on the Island then further afield to the South Coast.


I've been studying health and wellbeing myself for over 20 years and I've attended many workshops, seminars, retreats and training courses around the world on wellbeing, personal development and related subjects. I travelled to over 45 countries in my 20's and gained a good deal of insight into human nature and the way of the world, I also picked up some really good ideas for how to make a successful health food eatery. I have a diploma in nutritional therapy, am a certified NLP master and am qualified to practice Reiki and Shiatsu, I also teach meditation and Tai Chi.


During the past 3 years I've been working for a corporate company in the hospitality industry, managing a large restaurant for 18 months then promoted to Retail Catering Manager and ran a very busy coffee shop for the other 18 months. This taught me all I need to make my own place a success and I now feel confident and well equipped to take my first step and open the cafe, I have a premises ready to go, a lease waiting to be signed and now I'm looking for funding.


Start up costs are £20,000. £13,500 of this will be equipment and fitting costs and the other £7,500 will be used as running capital. I have created a cash flow which I've run passed both my accountant and my bank manager and been assured my figures are realistic and accurate.


The lease will complete in a week or so and I want to begin start up ASAP, the Isle of Wight festival is from 9th - 12th of June this year and provides a massive boost to Newport business and I want to be opened and ready well before then.


Any funding, help or networking is greatly appreciated, I have massive drive and energy to succeed in this project, I'm nearly 40 now and its time for me to create something good for the world.


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