Nunude Self Love Campaign

A brand on a mission to reimagine a newfound conceptualisation of beauty, one that is inclusive, diverse & instills confidence in everyone.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Nunude is a brand and movement that provides an alternative approach to the conventional agenda often promoted through the media in regards to commercial modelling.

Our aim is to focus on the individuality of people, global diversity, the perfect imperfections and a genuine, sincere journey of self-love.

Nunude's core values derive from the notion that our intricate differences, in essence, are the very factors that bring us closer together. The brand helps women find light in a world that often tells them to hide in the shadows. Disabilities, differences in complexion or skin complexities, variations in regards to weight and height, hair length and texture are all concepts we promote to the world with the intention to help every woman see a version of themselves in the mainstream.

The reason behind the crowd funding project is to help spread the message of Nunude's Self-Love campaign.

Nunude's previous #skinisnude campaign went viral on instragram with the phenomenal Tyra Banks recognising the campaign, however co-founders felt that the campaign could have been much more versatile. Our aim is to now make our campaign even more versatile!

Nunude's #skinisnude campaign was featured on:

Nunude would like to take the Self-Love campaign to a whole new level. The brand have recorded a beautiful video which we would love to be aired on TV as well as YouTube and Snapchat.

The Self Love campaign includes all types of women, different ethnicities sizes and abilities.  If you would like to be involved in what we are about whether you are an aspiring model (we have no limits as to what type of build or ethnicity we accept) videographer, photographer or an individual who does motivational speaking, dancing or writing, please contact us @nunudeofficial on instagram or on our website below:

Here are some behind the scenes phots of our Self Love Campaign: