Tap into the huge Far Eastern market AND promote brain power in the West, with a multi-platform strategy game app and player network.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
  • Do you want to make money tapping into a market of over two BILLION customers?
  • Do you want to encourage children to develop their minds and succeed in life?
  • Do you want to offer an alternative to mindless aggression?
  • Do you want to help start a new trend that combines recreation with self-improvement?

If so, READ ON...

This project is for the development of a two-player mathematical game - Misparibuwa - that will encourage players to use their minds and mathematical abilities. Those who don't have mathematical abilities - or THINK they don't - will discover that they DO! And those who know they have mathematical abilities will develop them further! 

The game is played with numbers on a board, in some ways like chess. But in this game, when the numbers "attack" each other, the result is not a capture (let alone an explosion). It is a mathematical calculation. The game continues until one player eats up the other's numbers or gets a number so big the computer can no longer hold it!

We plan to develop:

an interactive app (mobile and desktop) for people to play the game against the computer (with a two-person option) - the app to contain code for ads:

  • an interactive app (mobile and desktop) for people to play the game against the computer (with a two-person option) - the app to contain code for ads;
  • an ad-free version of the above app for sale at a low price;
  • an app with an Advanced Version of the game (for sale at a higher price than the regular ad-free version, plus an Amazon Fire version, to be made available to Amazon Underground.
  • a Facebook app with advertisements from a source to be decided.
  • a game-playing network enabling human players to play the game against each other over the internet. (Please note: the mobile and desktop versions of the app should include the client end of the network and connectivity to it.)

A game that will be loved in Europe, the Americas AND the Far East!

Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Indians learn at an early age that the way to succeed in life is through the mastery of hard subjects, like science and engineering. And at the heart of these subjects is MATHS. So they diligently study mathematics - and MAKE SURE THEIR CHILDREN DO TOO!

For this reason, this game will be very popular in the far East. But it can also be popular in the west too. Like chess. Indeed, this game will encourage players to take an interest in maths. For young people, this is very important. It is the KEY TO SUCCESS!

Therefore, the game apps and game-playing network will offer support not only in English and European languages, but also in Mandarin (both simplified and traditional), Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu and Guajarati. The idea is to tap into the brain power in all those countries where a thinking, mathematical strategy game like this would be appreciated and to spread the gospel of the importance of numeracy in the west - where the concept is under attack from mindless "zap 'em" games!

The mobile, desktop and Facebook apps

A player-versus-computer version of the game will be developed as a series of apps for the Android, iOs, Windows, Kindle Fire and Facebook platforms. The apps will be monetized by click-ads and a low-price ad-free version. The Facebook app will be monetized by ads in accordance with Facebook rules.

Game-playing network

The game network should have the following features:

  • people can register as paid members.
  • non-members who download the client app can watch games (unless the game has been set to private).
  • in the cases of major tournaments, this spectatorship will be for payment.
  • registered paid members can:
    1. play against other members chosen randomly
    2. challenge others to games or matches and accept such challenges from others
    3. participate in tournaments of various types (see below)
    4. create both knock-out and elimination competitions
    5. charge entry fees for entering competitions that they organize
    6. charge spectatorship fees to those who wish to watch the tournament games live in real-time.[1] [2]
    7. charge spectatorship fees for one-on-one matches they play[3]
    8. enter tournaments organized by others
    9. join local and regional groups and tournament leagues
    10. watch games being played by others (unless set to "private")
    11. look at (and play through) archived games of others (if set to public or shared with them)
    12. Save their own games for future reviewing and set the status of each game to public, private or shared (they designate with whom they are sharing it)
    13. annotate their games with post-game analysis and publish their annotated games or collections of their annotated games.
    14. form and administer local, regional and national groups (if given moderator or administrator status)

    The games will be made available to free to all members when the tournament or match is finished.

    The fee can differ for members and non-members, but cannot be lower for non-members.

    In practice this will only be applicable to the top players and champions.

The tournament types will include:

  • round robin (everyone plays everyone)
  • double round robin (everyone plays everyone twice, as white and as black)
  • Swiss-type (players play those with similar number of points)
  • Elimination (knock-out) tournament
  • Matches in which pairs of players play a series of games.

 Tournaments and opportunities for others to monetize

Paid members will be able to organize broadcast or narrowcast tournaments and matches of their own on the network and charge an entry free and/or spectatorship fee (thought the site) that will be split between organizers, the site itself and the winners.

 The spectatorship fee and/or entry fee can be set within a certain range and the split will be set at a fixed level for all tournaments, but may change in the future according to policy.

 Initially, the split will be 30% to the site, 35% to the tournament organizer and 35% prize money. The prize money, in turn, may be split among winners, runners-up and even offered in part as appearance money.

Why this game is so incredibly GOOD!!!!!

  • Perfect for the huge market in China, Japan and the far East where they love mental strategy games!
  • Better for children and young people everywhere than mindless shoot-em-up games!
  • Will promote an interest in maths - vital to the west if we want to continue to prosper!
  • Will promote brain-power and tenacity over raw aggression - the key to success in the modern world!
  • Inherently educational - while being fun at the same time!

Want to know how you can be part of it?

Easy! Get on board and PLEDGE!!!!

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