To raise funds for Huw Caddy's Birthday Blender, that will help him get his infamous NUCL sauce off the ground

We did it!

On 8th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £260 with 18 supporters in 28 days

What’s spicy, thrilling, and leaves a great taste in your mouth?

That’s right, it’s south Wales’s newest entrepreneur, Huw Caddy.

Huw wants to start a hot sauce brand, and he wants to do it without asking the dragons for a dime. In his favour, Huw has a great recipe and quite a sweet little face, 

So don’t give your money to charity this month, invest in a soon to be billion dollar business instead. Then come back to this page and invest in NUCL sauce (inexplicably pronounced knuckle)

If you needed any more reasons to invest, Huw has been using his feet to mash the tomatoes thus far, and we’re sick of buying him new verruca socks, so please help us buy him a Vitamix blender for his 30th birthday. It’s this Friday, so whilst we’re time poor on this one, we’re hopefully cash rich.

If you contribute £10 or more you will receive a pot of NUCL sauce. Made by Huw himself. It might seem a lot for some sauce, but it’s a decent sized pot, and an excellent sauce you can talk about at dinner parties.

If you contribute £50 or more you will receive a pint of Nucl sauce & own 0.00001% of the business. This will eventually mature to provide you with the funds to buy a shark butler for your floating palace.

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