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by NSPCC in London, England, United Kingdom

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The NSPCC wants to create the Pantosaurus book to help families and schools have simple conversations to help children stay safe from abuse

by NSPCC in London, England, United Kingdom

At the NSPCC, we want to create a book for families and schools to use that helps keep children safe from abuse. It will be a fun, visual way to learn vital lessons. But we can only make it happen with your support.

No one ever wants to think about their child being affected by sexual abuse, but that's exactly why talking about it is so important. Having these conversations can seem daunting. But our Talk PANTS resources (including our popular dinosaur
 character, Pantosaurus) help guide you through difficult conversations in a simple and child-friendly way.

Thousands of parents have already used our PANTS resources – like our activity pack and Pantosaurus song. After listening to parents and teachers, we now want to create a brand new Pantosaurus book to help keep even more children safe.  

Now we’re raising funds to create the Pantosaurus book to help schools and families have more simple, yet vital, conversations to empower children and help keep them safe.  The Pantosaurus book will help children learn the PANTS rules at their own pace and will give parents, carers and teachers a fantastic tool to support them through this topic in a child-friendly way...all with the help of our much-loved dinosaur, Pantosaurus!

Parents have told us that they would love to see a Pantosaurus book. Many children are visual learners and a book will give parents and teachers an easy, natural way to start an important conversation.  

“Some parents might find it hard or awkward to talk to their kids about this, so a book would be very helpful!” – Parent 

Our ambition is to get the Pantosaurus into every primary that we visit, providing an essential resource to help protect children. 

So far, our Talk PANTS campaign has reached over 950,000 children across the UK. And with over 1.5 million views on YouTube, we know that our friendly dinosaur Pantosaurus has the potential to help millions more in his very own book!

"The PANTS conversation went really well. We refresh each bath time or when getting dressed." - Parent 

We’re aiming to raise £50,000 to bring the Pantosaurus book to life. With the money raised we can create and print copies the book for everyone who pledges over £15. We will also send copies of the book to NSPCC service centers and our ambition is to give the book to every school we visit through our Speak out. Stay safe service. 

Approximately 70% of the money raised will be spent on development on the book and 30% on printing and delivery.

For over 130 years, the NSPCC has been protecting children from abuse. We believe it’s up to each of us to do everything possible to keep childhood safe. That's why we created initiatives like Talk PANTS, to support simple conversations with children that can help to keep them safe.

We appreciate all the amazing support we receive to bring the Pantosaurus book to life! Thanks to your support, we can help to keep more children safe from abuse.

How you can help:

  • Make a pledge - any amount, large or small, will go towards making a huge difference
  • Share our campaign on your social media - help us reach more people across your network
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues about our campaign - spread the message far and wide

Please note, we are unable to send rewards outside the UK. 

How Talk PANTS helps

Sammy* is a mother who sadly experienced abuse when she was a child. She told us about her experience and how her child has used Talk PANTS. (*name changed to protect anonymity)  

"My dad sexually abused me from a young age. The first time it happened, it was night time while my mum was out. We were on the sofa and he started touching me. After that, it carried on happening for years.

The sexual abuse by my dad happened for so long and I didn’t have the right words to tell anyone what was happening to me. I didn’t speak out until much later.

As a mother with this experience, it’s really important to me that my children have the language to talk about anything they might need to.

There was an incident with my daughter and another child a little while after the NSPCC visited her school. Thanks to knowing about ‘The Underwear Rule’, my daughter told a teacher what had happened there and then. As the incident was dealt with immediately, it never went any further.

My daughter knew ‘The Underwear Rule’ was nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about and so did her classmates.

Everything was put so simply; this is the PANTS rule, this is private. It was so easy for my children to understand. That’s what I loved about it."

We want to help more people like Sammy* by creating the Pantosaurus book. So please support our campaign so that we can make it happen. 

Thank you!


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Family package

To thank you for your donation you will receive: two special hardback editions of the Pantosaurus book (one will be donated to an NSPCC service centre), a PANTS poster, a special Pantosaurus bookmark and sticker bundle, two printed Talk PANTS activity packs and an NSPCC Pantosaurus keyring.

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The Pantosaurus book

Get a special hardback edition of the Pantosaurus book and help more children learn vital lessons

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Two copies of the Pantosaurus book

We will send one to you and donate one to an NSPCC service centre

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Philanthropist package

Four copies of the Pantosaurus book to be donated to NSPCC service centres.

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Schools package

Five special hardback editions of the Pantosaurus book, five PANTS posters and a special Pantosaurus bookmark and sticker bundle.

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Premium schools package (with elearning course)

Five special hardback editions of the Pantosaurus book, five PANTS posters, a special Pantosaurus bookmark and sticker bundle and a FREE NSPCC elearning course of your choice (for example, our popular child protection in schools course)

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Your name in the book and an invite to the launch

Two special hardback editions of the Pantosaurus book (one will be donated to an NSPCC service centre), your name printed in the book, an invitation to the book launch and a PANTS poster.

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Be a super supporter of the Pantosaurus book

Two special hardback editions of the Pantosaurus book (one will be donated to an NSPCC service centre), your name in the book, an invitation to the book launch and an exclusive Philip Kingsley goody bag.

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