Now I'm A Big Boy!

Now I'm A Big Boy!

We aim to make our essential piece of theatre, written, produced and directed by 17-18's, on the topic of sexual consent widely known about

We did it!

On 25th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £570 with 13 supporters in 21 days

The Play

Now I'm A Big Boy! is Forward Facing Theatre Company's first ever show, being put on at the Hove Grown Festival on March 23rd-27th, at the Dukebox Theatre, Hove and again at the Brighton Fringe, on June 1st-3rd, at The Warren: Studio 2. Tickets available here: '' '' and '' - search for 'Now I'm A Big Boy!'.

Forward Facing Theatre Company

Around mid-January, I saw a New Writing Festival being advertised, called 'Hove Grown' and that anyone, with a connection to Brighton and Hove could enter... And that's about all the convincing it took me to be honest, I just thought 'fuck it, let's write a play'. And so I did, alongside my good friend Hamish Benjamin, we put together a play that is different to most other plays out there at the moment. Infact, most of what we are doing at Forward Facing Theatre is different, the main factor being - we're all young people. Usually behind a 'youth group' there are a bunch of adults sorting out the money and admin and maybe directing the plays, but not over here! Every single part of the play and theatre company is done by young people; the writing, directing, producing, acting, music composing, artwork and design, sending out emails... and the list goes on. But our play is different to other plays in the sense that Now I'm A Big Boy! is a piece of theatre people need and isn't just something they want to see. Although it sounds a tad arrogant, as most actors will shout 'you need to see this!' whilst flyering their shows on the streets, but what I what by it being essential for everyone to see, is because of the content of the play.

Content of the Play

Now I'm A Big Boy! has two main themes, growing up and sexual consent. But the themes in the play are tackled one by one, so imagine the play to actually infact, be two plays. The first half of the play, a comedy about a group of close knit drama students and the problems with growing up; relationships, friendship, voting, politics, responsibility, and in the second half, the problem of sexual consent is brought in.  The issues the play confronts in terms of sexual consent, are ones that arise from when sexual consent is given ambiguously, or in a state of drunkeness - or in any situation in which the consent is not clear. So what the play aims to do, is to educate people, clearly, on what consent is, and how to give it - as it seemed to be something that had been overlooked in sexual education. My question to you is, if you don't know, in full, what sexual consent is - how are you to know what you are doing is legal, and is not classed as rape/sexual assault? If the answer to that question is that you do know what it is, then that's great! (But come see the show anyway because I promise it's really funny and you'll still enjoy it). But if you don't, well I guess you could google it and research it - but we've already done that for you! So you may as well spend a few quid on a good night out whilst you're learning all about it! So it's a great idea, in theory, right? (Yes it is, Sam) But now we run into the problem of funding...

The Problem of 'Funding'

We haven't got any. 

What You Can Do

A few weeks ago, I applied for an 02 Think Big Fund, but was unfortunately not sucessful - apparently teaching people about a key part of the law and how, potentially, not to ruin their entire lives by making a simple, misinformed mistake wasn't quite as important as teaching a few grannies up in Cumbria how to use iPads, but hey ho! So in terms of the financial side of putting on a play, it gets quite expensive, quite quickly and because the entire theatre company are made up of young people, suprisingly, we don't have any money. So we are entirely relying on dontations to support the show for paying for things such as venue hires, registration fees, advertising fees, marketing costs (printing flyers and posters), props and last, but not least, lots of alcohol for the after show party  the costume!


So any amount of money you can give, whatsoever will be absolutely fantastic. We hope you agree that the play is something people need to see for their own good and you will decide to support one of the only entirely young people run theatre companies in the country - because we need your help! You can also support by following us on Twitter - @ForwardFacingTC!




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