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We want to change the law in NI that criminalises abortion in almost all circumstances, exploring this through our show Now for The North

by Three's Theatre Company in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

That little bit extra to help us along. 

We had a Crowdfunder running previously and are so grateful to have raised over £3000. We just have a little bit further to go before we hit our target. Rehearsals have started, the scripts are in. Your donation will help us to publicise the event to ensure we sell enough tickets to get the word out there and it will pay the artists that are giving their time to the project. The production opens at The MAC, Belfast on the 7th September 2019. 

We are not ashamed. We stand for our sisters, our mothers, our grandmothers, our cousins, our friends. Northern Ireland, we want change” Anna Leckey, Artistic Director.

What's The Law?

Northern Ireland has one of the strictest laws in the world, where women can experience life in imprisonment for accessing healthcare. Abortion is illegal in almost all circumstances. 

The current law does not prevent abortions from happening. 

28 Northern Irish women every week travel to the mainland UK to access a safe termination. Those are the women lucky enough to have the means and money to do so. We will never know for sure the number of backstreet abortions carried out in this country by our most vulnerable women. 

Abortions happen and will continue to happen whether we think they are morally right or not.  

The law puts these women who cannot or do not choose to carry a pregnancy to full term under severe physical, mental and financial risk. 

It is time for change. 

What's The Show & How Can Theatre Make A Difference?

Behind every statistic is a real woman with a life, goals and hopes for the future. 

We want to tell these stories. 

As artists who want change, we decided to use our talents and skills to create a piece of site-specific promenade theatre that explores the topic and several situations. 

The show was made on a shoestring budget and premiered at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast. The Writers, Cast & Crew all gave their time for free to create the production, we now have seen the reaction & feedback was positive and we wish to develop the show further and bring it to a much wider audience. 

We will be exploring more topics of abortion in our new space The MAC Belfast. Launching the show in September 2019. 

Each show will have an audience capacity of 28, as this is how many women are making a journey each week outside of NI to receive medical care. 

Allowing people to engage with these stories up close and personal in our site specific format allows audiences to empathise, learn and feel empowered to make a change. Together we have the power to change the law, but first we must make noise. 

“It's an astonishing performance, one of many suffusing and supplementing an atmosphere as heartwarming as it is heartbreaking.” Simon Fallaha

Where Will The Money Go?

To be able to pay 20 local artists to write, direct, stage manage and perform in this piece of theatre. 

With funding at an all time low for the Arts in Northern Ireland, it is important that our artists feel valued and supported by their city and by our company. 

We believe this is the most important piece of theatre we have created to date. 

We need your help to make this a reality. 

Alliance For Choice 

20% of all ticket sales will go towards Alliance for Choice, so if you choose to support this project your will also be supporting them and women in need. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Award for Donating

Come along to The MAC on the 6th Septmeber at 6:30pm for a Destress and Decriminalise Yoga Class led by Anna & Danielle. Belfast Based Yoga Teachers who previously taught Relax and Repeal to raise funds for the Repeal the 8th Campaign.

Let's make 'Now For The North' happen

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