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Brand New Baby Store OPENING January 2019. NOW and PREM. Providing important essentials for babies who are here NOW and are PREMature.

by Stephanie Isaac in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi Everyone! 

My aim is to raise £2000 to go towards the start up cost needed to open an online premature baby store.

At the young age of 21, I gave birth to my first premature baby born 8 weeks early and only weighing 1kg (3lbs) which is about the same as a bag of sugar. 

It was the one of most traumatic experiences I've had ever had to deal with, from the moment my son was born he was transfered to the neonatal imtensive care unit (NICU) so he could receive the special care and attention needed to save his life. As I had an emergency caesarean I barely got to see him or and wasn't able to hold at all. 

As a first time mum there wasn't much I could do for him which was heart-breaking. 

I was soon discharged from the hospital, however my son wasnt ready to go home just yet as he was still very tiny and need to put on more weight. I decided to focus my attention on preparing for his homecoming and headed to the highstreet stores only to find THERE IS BARELY anything available for premature babies, no tiny clothes, socks, cardigans, hat's, blankets etc and the few stores that do have starts from 5lbs my baby weighed 3lbs. 

Lots of parents within the NICU expressed the same concerns and frustrations. The same thing happened again when I had my second and third children who were also premature. 

This is where the business idea came to me:


To provide the essentials needed for babies who have come NOW and are PREMature. 

My vision is to start off as an online retailer offering fast delivery services providing the basic essentials needed in the first couple of weeks, i.e Micro nappies, cotton wool, water wipes, premature bottles, blankets, knitted clothes etc. 

Depending on the success,my future goal is to have my own clothing line and a high street store.

I have already found an experienced knitter who is ready and willing to work alongside me and knit small comfortable clothing

The shop will sell:

*Nappies cakes/ hampers  (starter kits)

*Clothes and accessories; knitted and cotton for babies and above.


*bottles, teats  designed for premmies

*breastfeeding scarfs and equiptment

So please support me  in making parents with premature babies feel included and provide these babies with the same resources that are accessible for babies who are full term (37 weeks plus). 

Every OUNCE counts. X

Many Thanks,

Stephanie Isaac

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