Notta Museum Cabinet of Curiosities

Pop-Up Home Exhibition showing a disabled sculptural artists work and diverse collections based in an isolated rural location in Cornwall

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The NOTTA MUSEUM 'Cabinet of Curiosities' Pop-up Home Halloween/Samhain Exhibition


A small crowd funder project to raise basic funding to enable a Pop-Up Halloween Weekend Home Exhibition (31st Oct -2nd Nov)

Which is the Samhain festival for Pagans

Exhibiting a rurally isolated disabled artist/sculptors work and their eclectic squirrel like collection gatherings of Witchcraft, Folklore, Steampunk, Sculpture, Natural History and other Object d' Art...( i.e. = Serious hoarder/collector ).  Almost a veritable contemporary 'Borgin and Burkes' (All you Harry Potter fans will know what this means). This Pop-Up exhibition project is intended to enable reaching out to a wider appreciative and prospective adult audience to the artists work.

NB: Please see our slide video

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE = by consequence

Raising awareness of life restricting, debilitating impact and effect of cognitive conditions like 'Agoraphobia' upon otherwise healthy, capable and skilled persons.  In rural Cornwall (UK) there is severely limited support for such persons as myself isolated and adversely affected by cognitive health and serious debilitating anxiety conditions like Agoraphobia.   

The ARTIST: I used to run for many years my own businesses, including providing employment and training to NVQ level 2 to a staff of five persons.  However, I am now a recovering survivor of violent hate crime, (inc. physical assaults), criminal damage to my property and home.  This as you may understand and appreciate has considerably adversely affected my trust in others.

Far more positively, I am a self-taught artist/sculptor (and long term habitual collector of quirky and strange diverse...stuff & things).  

The VISION.  Clinically diagnosed as having suffered a 'Catastrophic Trauma' leading to cognitive Agoraphobia (which can manifest as physically painful panic attacks when away from my home) consequently I no longer drive or leave the comparative safety of my home on my own. Living in an isolated rural area, it is difficult, nigh on impossible for me to travel anywhere.  This makes it difficult to promote or exhibit my art and/or collections or engage face-to-face in person to prospective interested people elsewhere other than my home. 

THE OUTCOME. By staging a Pop-Up Home Exhibition, it becomes a case of if 'the mountain can't get to Mohammad.....',  a home exhibition intended to bring supportive, positive and constructive interested parties 'beating'? a path... or even gently strolling to my door.  

In the past I have found my art (and collections stuff) tend to be of interest and appeal to people who are in themselves interesting characters and have enquiring, independent and dare I say it, slightly quirky minds of their own. I like these kind of people!

Why Crowd funding? 

Because it seemed like a 'bleedy' good idea at the time.... probably is not the best answer? 

However, Crowd funding seems a potentially exciting and excellent vehicle to try to raise small scale funding.  In particular for managed steps of rehabilitation and re-integration for an otherwise capable person like myself.  Adversely affected by trust issues and cognitive health limitations, but wishing to live a full, active and contributory a life as possible in society. At the same time still pushing at the challenges and boundary limitations of my health restrictions. When I have the bit between my teeth I do not give up easily! 

Psst....Did you look at the video yet?    

TESTIMONIALS.  “Would this count"?

Mr Graham King, (the now former owner of the Boscastle Witchcraft Museum, Cornwall) once asked me in an email (in friendly jest) if with my witchcraft/folklore collection I intended setting up in competition with his Witchcraft Museum”?

Answer = "Ha! That would be telling.....!" 

CROWDFUNDER BACKER REWARDS. Draft: various planned.

£5 = Tea and posh biscuits for two!  With a real tea pot, cups....and even saucers!!! 

£5 = An 'Artefact Adoption Certificate'. Adopt an item for display at the home exhibition and in return receive (a) 'Certificate of Adoption' and (b) an illustrated information sheet on an item allocated adopted for display by you the funder/backer

£12 = A Small Traditional Wax Witchcraft MALE Poppet Doll (+ pins and information sheet).

£12 = A Small Traditional Wax Witchcraft FEMALE Poppet Doll (+ pins and information sheet).

£20 = 16”x12” Witchcraft Poster. Featuring an image artefact I have selected from the witchcraft collection.

£40 = Cryptozoological Preserved Fairy (Dead Fairy in a wooden case)

£60 = A PRIVATE VIEW and TALK (Can't make the exhibition weekend?) An evening to be arranged at mutual agreement for group of up to six persons, but after the exhibition weekend is finished. 

£75 = A PRIVATE VIEWING and TALK on the collection by candlelight. Halloween Evening (Friday 31st Oct) 8pm-10pm.ish  Limited to only ONE booking (but for up to six people in total) available!

£75 = A PRIVATE VIEWING and TALK on the collection by candlelight. Samhain Evening (Saturday 1st Nov) 8pm-10pm.ish  Limited to only ONE booking (but for up to six people in total) available!


Q.  Do I practise witchcraft?

A.  A philatelist collects stamps, but it certainly does not make them a postman.  I collect witchcraft associated objects and items, and it 'still' does not make me a postman!

Q. Can you use witchcraft to turn my violent x-partner into a toad?

A. No need! If your x-partner was violent…then they are already a TOAD!  

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: .........Bring out your DEAD! 

No, it is not a Cornish out-break of Ebola, plague or Black Death and to be honest we don't actually want your recently deceased Grannie.  However, some people do have kicking around in lofts and garages, etc. old sets of horns, antlers, skulls or taxidermy...which they don't really want ...and don't know what to do with? 

The rules/laws on sale of taxidermy and some natural history items has been made less than crystal clear in recent years by well-intended international CITES laws, DEFRA and UK wildlife protection 1981 Act.  There are some items perfectly lawful to own, but illegal to sell. However, 'some' of these illegal to sell objects... are lawful to GIFT.   Sooooo, if you want to part with the dead, and what better time of year than Samhain/Halloween/All Saints 

So please....GIFT US your stuffed corpses! 

PS: DEAD STUFF accepted only by prior arrangement and agreement. (Road kill left on doorstep just annoys my dear old mother!)

NB: CHILDREN and PERSONS OF A SENSITIVE NATURE:  Due to the adult nature of some of the exhibits (i.e. Dead Stuff and Nude Statues), sorry, but persons under 18yrs are not able to attend other than in the company of a legal guardian or parent.  In particular; the Exhibition may NOT be suitable at all for 'Rug-Rats' or those under 10yrs of age. (Alternatively, we could perhaps give kids that attend x3 double espressos and tell them their parents have promised to get them two puppies! Mwahahaha!)

BOOKING VISITING TIME SLOTS: It is our domestic home after all, so we will be taking time-slot telephone bookings (once we have secured funding).   This is to stagger viewing numbers at any one time. Plus, to keep 'Old Bill' happy about roadside verge parking.  So when we are up & running, DO BOOK EARLY!  Although the daytime exhibition days will be FREE to attend, (time-slot booking required) we will be quite joyously happy to accept donations from any attendees.

HEALTH and SAFETY:  Physical Disabled Access. Sorry, but not wheelchair friendly.  There are a couple of steps on entry.  We have taken appropriate action regarding public liability insurance.  Also; NO Smoking, NO alcohol, NO pets and NO heavy petting or fornicating whilst visiting the exhibition ("Good grief with rules like that I must have been a 1950's Blackpool landlady in a former life!"). The objects themselves in the collection my witchy friends tell me are already protected by potential Curses & Witchcraft....allegedly! 

To conclude: So please share this crowdfunder proposal positively through social media, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. and throw caution to the wind and please take up backing one of my rewards.  (After all, you just know that witch pin doll will come in handy!)

Other than that. 


....for trawling through this project proposal and I hope you will become one of our super-duppa crowdfunder backers.