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Nothing Clothing Company

Nothing Clothing Company

Premier good-cause brand supporting charity,styling celebrities, inspiring and enriching lives using fashion and events worldwide

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 141 days
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If we win, they all win..

Nothing Clothing Company is the UK's premier good-cause brand. Nothing is built of my vision to use popular culture and events to enrich, inspire, and provide opportunity. We currently support many charities and lone persons and this net is steadily growing as more people approach for support. 

I am pleased to introduce you to something never seen before when it comes to community and enrichment of people, and certainly never attempted before anywhere in the business world. I recognised that there was a sharp void between the popular culture and charity, yet knew that there is a wealth of support, content and people that are keen to help others. More importantly I thought what if a charity or group could create their own clothing lines and then sell these to self-support their fundraising? Better still I could create my very own market by allowing like-minded businesses, brands and celebrities to join my platform and do a similar thing. They could use it as means of demonstrating a side of them that is not always seen, furthering their PR and outlook, yet ultimately allowing me to help others and grow my brand in the process.

You could say that Nothing Clothing is like a self-help session that demonstrates that you can! It encourages an 'others first' thought-process right the way through, and is designed to really reflect on modern life struggles, along with the behind the scenes champions that help solve these problems. In essence I go against the grain of what a standard business is and does. and rather than write a piece that comes across as a tick box system, I will stick to my guns and do things the nothing way.

Some may call ‘Nothing’ a rebellious brand and I believe it is this attitude that ensures it is noticed. People are bemused at how differently I have cast the brand, yet are very excited to be associated with it. Already, I have Cancer sufferers telling their stories and raising awareness through our clothing. I have a young autistic model that loves wearing great fashion. She dreams of designing clothes yet can barely hold a pen - WE are making this happen. This to me grants a dream, gains awareness for her cause, demonstrates that there are no boundaries, and more importantly creates a community of like-minded fans and followers. 

I think that what I have created and am in the process of growing is a very significant thing, and truly believe that it empowers everybody it touches, and I would hope those people feel incredibly proud to be a part of what I am calling 'a global generational movement' 

'Of course I am a business man and I have full intentions of growing.  I have several truly enormous projects lined up across the next three years.  You are probably following the protocol of looking for my net profit from my year-end figures, but the truth is - my measure of success is and always will be through others. I have no competition to speak of, and similar brands are actually keen to follow and help us along due to the fact that we change lives'

Nothing will no doubt hit six figure profit sums in the next few years, but I feel that inspiring others to start their own business journeys and kick-starting entire communities to be the next entrepreneurs is a much greater measure of success.

I do not put a regime or program in place but instil my vision consistently throughout every area in the brand. New staff members or those helping by volunteering become part of a truly unique entity. As a result the work effort is almost treble that of a person in a standard company. I myself as a director am very hands on and as the brand is still small I am working until the early hours on heat presses, pushed on on by the fact that I know the item I am working on could save lives. I feel that moving forward this is going to be a vital tool for the future success of nothing. This is a big thing, with the ability for a company to be able to step back and ride along whilst others grow. (Why use your own petrol) Yet be known as the brand that launches brands.

I have accomplished an incredible amount in such a short time but here are few key milestones in just over one year of the Nothing Clothing Company brand.

  • Designed and developed clothing for Autistic charities
  • Sent school uniform to children in Africa
  • Styled several TV celebrities and bands
  • Built a social media following/client list of over 20,000 subscribers
  • Purchased own machinery to reduce manufacturing/design costs
  • Allowed Cancer sufferers to design t-shirts and raise awareness
  • Am soon to break a Guinness world record
  • Worked with student designers to launch their own businesses

My goal with the Nothing Clothing brand is to open a string of retail stores across the UK. I intend to work with local authorities to enrich communities and share awareness of causes. The stores will form a base of operations from which we will teach retailing, business basics, along with elements from the fashion industry, and allow students and upcoming designers to use our platform as a launch base of their operations.

The stores will also serve to address many local problems. We will inject a form of popular culture and a premium look/feel to underused areas in the hope to attract other businesses. The stores will also be used as a social hub to enrich 'Community', and we plan to have many events to enable areas to grow. We will - where possible, allow homeless to work in the stores and supply sheltered accommodation in return for work, and allow them a chance to reintegrate into their community. Gang members will be given opportunities and taught life skills. They will be shown the true meaning of helping others, and welcomed into a new family.

We think it is incredibly important with what is happening around the world to really bring people together again. We like to say now is the time to do nothing - This is a wakeup call to pretty much everybody to act. It is our call to action to appeal to the inner us, and demonstrate a fondness and care of others.

My entire program and business model is built around inspiration and change, and I push this far and wide. We even ensure that celebrities and role models that are associated with us follow this ethos.

Nothing Clothing has been designed to enrich the lives of everybody it touches. This ranges from the people we will train and motivate, to the end customer wearing our products. - We do not care about being the next big thing, our focus is placed on those we help and others we inspire to do so.

In fact I call the Nothing brand a FEELING!

How can a feeling be a brand?

We all love the feeling of doing something great for others. We love seeing a smiling face as they open our gifts. Now imagine having this same feeling every time that you put our clothing back on. Not only will you look and feel great in a fashion sense - You will be reminded that you have enriched someone's life! Better still, our logo will also demonstrate to others how wonderful you are. You will see the nothing logo in the mirror and feel the heartbeat of a small child you just helped save. You will feel the warmth of the homeless taken off the streets, and feel the confidence of helping someone with learning difficulties.

When people comment on how happy you seem today - This is the Brand

A quick list of those who will benefit:

Unemployed, Disabled, Gang Members, School leavers, Community Leaders, Elderly, Local Charities, Homeless, Reformed Prisoners, Local Businesses The list is endless... One thing is for certain 

I hope that you enjoyed finding out more about Nothing Clothing Company and can see the potential in just how big this thing will be. I am doing this to demonstrate that one person’s vision can change an enormous amount of lives and having any award to display will help me pave the way for others.

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