Not Sure Yet!

Not Sure Yet!

To provide employment and training for people with learning disabilities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Aims

There is a woeful lack of employment for young people with learning disabilities after they have finished compulsory education.

The aim of this project is to establish and run a hotel as a social enterprise in southern Hampshire and enable young people with a learning disability to gain transferrable qualifications and apply their skills and knowledge in the real world.

Trainees would be able to live on site or commute from the local area.

There would be opportunities to work in catering, front of house, maintenance, groundskeeping as well as iinitially linking to local colleges to assess qualifications (UAS, NVQ etc) before training in-house assessors. All of this would be supervised by qualified staff.

The project will need to find premises large enough to accomodate it's live in staff and paying clients.

Income would potentially come from tuition fees and paying guests and be reinvested in the enterprise.



We are two highly experienced individuals who have many years of experience in working with children and young people from all abilities, needs and backgrounds, both in education and a home setting. We already work closely with social services, local colleges and have many contacts. 

We have seen the amount of dedication school and college staff put into the education of people with learning disabilities.

Sadly we have aslo seen young people fall into a life of benefits and restricted choices once that phase of education has come to an end.

We hope to raise awareness and bridge these gaps.


More soon, watch this space