Inspiring kids to LOVE veg with fun cooking kits

by Danielle McCann in London, England, United Kingdom


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Cooking kits for kids, making mealtimes easier and building healthy eating habits for the future. Food around the world, activities and more

by Danielle McCann in London, England, United Kingdom

Did you know that more than 30% of children in the UK are either overweight or obese? And statistics have shown that more children are now developing eating disorders.

To help tackle these growing issues I have created healthy cooking kits which teach children about new cultures and food around the world, whilst also encouraging them to eat more vegetables and build healthy relationships with food. Creative at its core, we focus on educating children and adults.

In light of the recent events I have made the decision to lower my target in these trying times. I understand that people need to prioritise their finances and may find it difficult to contribute as they need to support their families. I hope you are your families stay safe in these trying times. 

Danielle x

About me...

I am a designer/illustrator/art director and all round creative of 10 years. Having worked for the likes of :    

I went on to complete a course in Nutrition in Culinary Practice created by Pure Package founder, Jennifer Irvine at the famous Leith's School of Food And Wine. I then made a short TV appearance on one of Britain's most loved cooking programmes. 

If you pledge £20 or more you and your little chef will get to learn how to cook the recipe as seen one of Britain's most loved cooking shows, only available on Crowdfunder!

As a small team of 1, I have created everything myself. From the website, to the branding, to the photography. This makes me investable as a person because I have a varied skillset which others would usually use early funding for. This means your money would help to take this project to the next level.

How your pledge will help...

My vision is huge, but to make this bigger, better and available to all I need your help. Your pledge will help me to create:

1. New kits & make the existing one extra special

I have worked hard to make our cooking kits a one size fits all. But I have the vision to expand upon that. Everyone is different and depending on age and experience, you may have the need for something a little more challenging, or maybe a little less challenging. Maybe you like healthy baking or want something based on our Great Groceries characters to focus solely on nutrition. Whatever it may be, I have the ideas and the passion to make it come to life.

2. New products 

Our cooking kits aren't just cooking kits. We encourage children to learn new languages and curricular subjects, discover cultures and develop literacy and art skills. We even teach them about eating seasonally and why it's important for us and the planet. In a nutshell: we teach everything from field to fork. But that's not enough. I have the vision to create recipes books (with a twist), visual food diaries, activity books, story books. I would love Not Just Nibbles to be affordable and accessible to everyone to help us combat #ChildhoodObesity.

3. Reach a wider audience and get into schools

We all know how stretched our education system is and unfortunately education around nutrition isn't the top priority. Which is why I would love to work with schools on rolling this out to improve overall health, mental well-being and change the quite-frankly, unfair reputation, vegetables have. 

The statistics...

About our rewards...

We have given you a range of awards to choose from, big and small, all with the aim of helping out your local community. Statistics from Public Health England show that children from deprived areas generally have higher rates of childhood obesity. By pledging in this campaign, we will donate boxes to those who would benefit most in your area. If you have a preference of a particular charity or school however, please let us know and we will do our best to work with them. 

All donation pledges will be delivered with a thank you card with your name on it (unless you state otherwise). We hope you will join us and support our mission so we can continue to do great work.

What parents say...

"What an amazing idea, myself and my family are hooked."

"I can’t believe my vegetable-hating 10 year old tried carrots and broccoli without  spitting it out. I’m converted."

"Me and my family are completely in love with Not Just Nibbles. It is one of the best subscription boxes I have bought for my son. He loves it!"


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Donate 1 box & earn 1 box | AS SEEN ON TV

Want to help out your community? We will donate a box to a school, charity or after school club local to you, plus you and your little chef can get in on the action as well. Inside will be the dry ingredients to two vegetarian recipes — 1 recipe as seen on TV 2020 (only available for this campaign), stickers for their visual food diary, games, curricular activities, a badge and hours of extra food fun. All in the name of vegetables!

£10 or more

SUPER SAVER | Not Just Nibbles box

Save money, try out our boxes and help us reach our goal — a triple whammy. Receive 1 box for the little chef in your life.

£25 or more

45% off | Cooking kit, apron + baking set

Pledge £25 and receive the full set — an apron, baking set and cooking kit with a 45% saving. Get your little chef started on their culinary journey with a kit to make them feel like a real chef and a recipe as seen on MasterChef! In no time they will they gain their first Michelin star.

£55 or more

DONATE 4 boxes & EARN 3 a month subscription

We will work with a school in your local area to send FOUR boxes to underprivileged families as part of a home schooling initiative. We will also send YOU a 3 month's subscription with a recipe as seen on TV and hours of food fun!

£100 or more

DONATE 10 boxes & EARN 6 month subscription +apron

We will work with a school in your local area to send TEN boxes to underprivileged families as part of a home schooling initiative. We will also send YOU a 6 month's subscription, apron and baking set with a recipe as seen on MasterChef.

£250 or more

Donate 30 boxes & earn 6mth subscription + extras

Help cover an entire school class or kid's club, or benefit a worthy children's charity within your local area. Plus, receive 6 month subscription, Not Just Nibbles apron + baking set.

£500 or more

DONATE 68 boxes & EARN 1yrs subscription + extras

We will work with a school in your local area to send SIXTY EIGHT boxes to underprivileged families as part of a home schooling initiative. We will also send YOU a 1 years's subscription, apron and baking set with a recipe as seen on MasterChef!

£1,000 or more

DONATE 150 boxes, EARN 1years box + extras below

Wow, thank you! You will become my new favourite person because this donation will help 150 FAMILIES as part of a home schooling initiative. Plus, you receive 1 year's subscription including all of the above AND a signed piece of artwork from myself, especially for you.

£1,500 or more

DONATE 150 boxes + 150 aprons

Wow, thank you! This donation would help ONE HUNDRED AND FIFITY FAMILIES within your area and make a HUGE difference to any one of them. To complete the chef's look, the children will also get a beautifully designed Not Just Nibbles apron each. Plus, I will meet you in person to take you out for dinner so we can learn more about each other and I will create a signed piece of artwork, especially for you.

Let's make 'Inspiring kids to LOVE veg with fun cooking kits' happen

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