Not.Corn - The Next BIG Thing According to Oprah!

Not.Corn - The Next BIG Thing According to Oprah!

Not.Corn is the 1st popped sorghum product in Europe! This will allow us to press 'go' on our manufacturing run & make our vision a reality!

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £2,000 of £2,000 target with 30 supporters in 56 days
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Hello! My name is Rushina and I am the founder of Not.Corn.

What is Not.Corn:

Not.Corn is the first product of its kind to the whole of Europe! It is a healthy popcorn alternative made from sorghum grain, an ingredient which Mintel predicts will be “the next gluten-free superfood”.


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Not.Corn was born after I saw my aunt popping a grain, which wasn’t the traditional corn kernel. She had eaten it as a child in India and told me about it’s amazing benefits. But my aunt often tells me old wives tales - she once told me to rub banana peel on my skin to get rid of my hiccups! So naturally, I didn’t believe her until I conducted detailed research into the nutritional values of sorghum for myself and found that she was right! d7a0d5d8c6af7045d24bf98fb242f5b202b4e97b

Not.Corn is popped in the same way as popcorn and looks like mini popcorn, but contains:

1. Significantly less salt than popcorn;

2. More protein (one of our bags has more protein than a large boiled egg) 

3.  One fifth of your daily fibre intake. 

And it’s also vegan and gluten-free. 

The best bit is that it has no hulls, meaning that you don’t get those annoying bits stuck in your teeth when you eat it! 

There have been a number of popcorn launches over the years but all of them have innovated through flavour. We intend to revolutionise the snack food category and drive category growth through genuine NPD. Whilst popped sorghum has been harvested in India for years, there’s absolutely nothing like this in the UK. 

It’s even been called out by Oprah in her list of favourite things and Andrew Zimmerman claims this will be the next BIG thing!’ 

Oh, and it tastes delicious too!


Finalist for the Stylist Creators Collective Competition:

Not.Corn has been chosen as a finalist for the Stylist Creators Campaign. We will be pitching to win the competition on 12th November at the Stylist Live at London Olympia! Not.Corn had over 7,000 votes from the public and was chosen as the publics' favourite!


Company values:

As a company, we are also committed to providing a sustainably, fairly produced product that benefits the environment, our farmers and our consumers. Our company mission is to support social equity and environmental sustainability through Not.Corn. The sorghum grain is grown by farmers who emphasise the use of renewable resources and conservation. The farmers receive a fair price for their harvest and work under safe working conditions in line with fair trade. We use all natural ingredients and the sorghum grain is Non-GMO farmed and lacks corn allergens and gluten. Sorghum also requires 50% less water to grow than corn, helping to preserve water. Our packaging (both the bag and outer-case box) are also made from recyclable material.


Our vision:

Our vision for Not.Corn is to get it into the hands of every single UK consumer in the next 2 years before expanding to Europe. We hope our consumers enjoy trying them just as much as we have loved making them!

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