We’re making cab fares fair.

by QUAZI in London, England, United Kingdom

We’re making cab fares fair.


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NO SURGE is a mobile app and cloud-based platform that gives you a smart way to grab a local cab while avoiding surge pricing traps.

by QUAZI in London, England, United Kingdom

You’re being ripped off by taxi companies – and NO SURGE has been expertly designed to stop it immediately.

During busy periods (such as late nights, weekends, spells of bad weather, and popular events), taxi companies, including Uber, increase the price you pay for a simple cab ride. 

This is called “surge pricing”, and it is a shamefully unfair practice that takes money straight out of your pocket.

Countless Uber customers are familiar with eye-watering surge prices in London and elsewhere. This practice isn’t going to stop any time soon – but NO SURGE provides a way to bypass surge pricing systems, directly from your smartphone.

NO SURGE is a mobile app and cloud-based computer system that gives you a smart, simple, and fast way to grab a local cab while avoiding surge pricing traps.

NO SURGE works differently to most transportation and ride-share apps, because it’s powered by you, as well as your local minicab operators. We’ve created a win-win process that can connect millions of passengers to thousands of drivers in the UK, fairly and easily.

We’re here to prevent those who dominate the cab hire market, which is rife with unfair practices, from ripping you off whenever they feel like it.

Our algorithm always protects you from any surge pricing or fare hike that forces you to pay 4 or 5 times more while you desperately need a simple ride. This is your opportunity to take control of your wallet and choices – and NO SURGE has your back.

As a team of tech, transportation, and business experts, we are passionate about innovation and creativity. Over the past two decades, we also worked across a vast range of creative industries, from graphic design to interior design, education, fashion, architecture, construction, mobile apps, AI, and machine learning. These experiences led us to confidently create 'Platform AE: Anytime Everywhere,' which is dedicated to establishing a level and fair playing field for all stakeholders across the taxi, minicab, and ride-share market.

Over the last two years, we've worked tirelessly and invested a substantial amount of time and money into developing and establishing our products. With the support of highly talented developers and ultra-fast cloud technologies, we are now in the App Store and Google Play.

With your support, we are now seeking to raise an additional £30,000 for expansion and marketing, to make sure that NO SURGE will help stop millions of people from being ripped off by surge pricing systems over Christmas, the New Year, and beyond. 

As a token of our appreciation, we will give an exclusive discount to everyone who helps us crowdfund this project by pledging/donating. The value of this discount will be equal to the amount of money you invest.

For instance, if you pledge £100, we will give you at least a £100 discount off trips booked through NO SURGE during the following months.

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