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by Matt Alexander Hare in London, Greater London, England

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Science Community project aiming to locally group up people passionate about the subject, using all modern social media platforms.

by Matt Alexander Hare in London, Greater London, England


I'm Matt and I recently have started working on a project for the science community, called "No Special Talent - The Universe of Physics And Astronomy". A future place dedicated to science lovers and passionate people, in general. Though initially mainly about physics and astronomy since this is my main field of interest and I like to stay professional in what I am dealing with, I aim to create a platform that in the future will cover wide spectrum of our every day life.


The name of the project was chosen by me and it directly refers to what A. Einstein once said about him and though I am not Einstein, still I exhibit few important for the whole project qualities, similar to this gentleman, especially one but about that later. I'd like you to know more about my initiative first. The brand is obviously quite flexible and it could be anything from "No Special Talent - The Universe Of Art" to "the Universe Of Make Up". This will be strictly team-work as I couldn't possibly cover the last one so as soon as it becomes clear we need another division we would then together delegate a team of the most dedicated and talented people in their fields to make it happen. I do not believe that one person can deal with everything, knowing how much time and resources it took me already to create the existing content.


The group, the page and the website is ready in its raw form. This is my private initiative and currently I am dealing with everything by myself. If you are interested in science and would like to help then please visit my website and see what I am about - from there you will be redirected to FB pages. The money in question is for the equipment that will significantly help me generating top quality content for my website and Facebook, and also the rest of the social media platforms. Please, consider donating to my project - even few pounds gets me a bit closer to the realisation of my plans and I know exactly what I want to do. You can find more about how I plan to spend it in MONEY section.


Of course, credits for any kind of help or contribution would and will be given to anyone in any (reasonable) form, at any desired time, whether it's a name in ending credits of the future multimedia content or mentioning on a website or anything else for that matter - I am open to negotiate because I would like to build the whole thing up with everyone involved, in any way. It's my idea but it will be our mutual effort that will make it come alive.


What I want to do differently is that I want to create a dedicated platform for everyone who's into science so that they are able to group locally and share their passions, ideas and doubts in person. We all know how important it is to be able to communicate conveniently but it is an illusion to expect that you can truly connect people over-seas, in every aspect of that word. My platform comes in and it would initially connect members using all types of the modern social platforms available respectively to each and every one of them, naming just as few as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, using the latest achievements of technology of which I gladly know quite a lot as I am a geek myself and I've been playing with quite a lot of cool things in my life, with my mind always kept opened on how things work and how they could possibly work differently. 


I know how difficult it is sometimes to start with something (believe me - I took too much on considering to have a go with this one) and I also know how it is crucial for young people, but not only for them, to understand things which are around because otherwise they are not able to see beyond that, even if they wish they could. I know how important it is for them to share excitement regarding their passion and I know how passion ignites and spins me up so I would always seek ways to open the whole community to a real life contact, highly educating, professionally organised, interactive and easily available to anyone. Something - surprisingly - almost completely forgotten nowadays and something that is one of my main goals in a longer run.


I'm self educated and I suspect that this is the main reason why I am so passionate about things that I do - it usually takes quite a moment before I can understand something in the way that is acceptable for me (high standards), since I have very little of help that would allow me to skip some of that, and by that time I already get too deep to get out! By the way, I already felt in love with that too. I know - I'm a passionate guy. My favourite subject is mainly Quantum mechanics, dark matter, Strings theory, Young's experiment, the whole theory of time toward which I remain highly doubtful, uncertainty principle but also a completely different field of biology, evolution, natural selection, then history of inventions and how science was evolving with us, how we shaped our own understanding about the place we live in. I can talk practically about anything as long as the conversation is productive so it leads to any constructive conclusions even if it means to disagree in principle - I am not enjoying talking about something that someone or I have very little idea about since it's risky and it bring chaos and usually I prefer to take my time to gain the knowledge which will help me to be a fruitful and genuine participant and contributor instead of being just a blind and deaf intellectual "zombie" that pretends to listen while he physically can understand only the half of the words he receives. We know all how many people follow that pattern and it's really not good that now people are being discouraged in questioning things when it should be a very base of our every-day life. I love science in every aspect of the matter and I want to share what it gives me with anyone I can share it. I don't want to only tell people facts about science - I leave that to the others. I want them to understand. To love but to understand science is to love everything - from the inside of the smallest pieces of what makes us and of what we are completely unaware to the outside of something that we can even hardly imagine because of it's unimaginable size. That urge for a wonder around you makes you want to grab your smartphone, on your way to the office, keeping your tired and stressed hand however more still than the sniper keeps his rifle on his shoulder not because you want to show off but because it makes you genuinely happy so you want to capture as much beauty of what you see as possible, in a quality as great as there is available for you at this moment so you can share that with the others later, explaining what it is and why it's so spectacular. Since I was a kid I was memorising geographical atlases with my mom and, Oh boy, what fun I had doing this... It was filling my life with passion, excitement and sometimes even a bit of fear. I grew up with science by my side, exploring more and understanding better than the rest of the people around me, obviously not because I'm better but because I've spent so much time on that and because I love it so much.I also love passionate people more than anything. About anything. Real passion is, indeed, infectious and can lead to great things in someone's life. If not even for a materialistic gain, so that you can combine your professional life with your passion, at any given time - what makes you even more efficient and better in the end - since it's not easy to break through all of these layers of being considered as everything but anything important. Even if not for that then there is this pure joy of mastering your skills to a level close to a perfection itself. It usually takes the most of your entire lifespan so you rest reassured that you will not be bored with yourself, ever again.


From where do I get my inspiration whenever I need one? Books, lectures, documentaries, publications, papers and everything which looks interesting. To name just a few and the most recognisable people - Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Brian Cox, Jim Al-Khalili, Lawrence Krauss, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Nye the Science Guy, also when I'm more philosophical Sam Harris and many more - these are people that infected me with passion to talk about science. I was excited only by watching lectures with their participation and then I realised that it's absolutely possible to inject that subject and to inject science into people's lives as long as we follow their lead. Why? Because it works because it's interesting and because we need it and because they had fun! Like Richard Feynman once said and I will paraphrase his words - science - unless debated in a friendly atmosphere - is a terrible subject. 

I am irrevocably in love with nature. I was always dinging in the soil, watching worms slipping through my fingers though sometimes it was super gross and I have to say that few of them looked literally like "aliens"! When I grew up a bit I was checking in the books why they are like this and I was even, later on, making samples from their body parts to observe them under my microscope (I'm sorry - science...). I've spent years of my life on water, with my dad who was a brilliant shipbuilder and also passionate civilian pilot. He equally infected me with love for everything what's under water and what's up there, in the air (kayaking, fishing, climbing mountains, flying etc). My mom was a Chemist Technician and I was always close to many dangerous and explosive materials and not because she was careless but because I wanted to be close to them! Hah, she was too careful with me but sometimes she was bringing me a plastic, sealed flask of a really thin solution of H3SO4 or anything else, so that I could - in pure ecstasy and excitement - burn few hair on my arm, being absolutely baffled by the fact that the liquid makes something "burn" and it "makes" smoke though there is no fire. This was the beginning of my journey with knowledge and for that I will remain eternally grateful to my parents. They left my life years ago but the love and passion that they have seeded in me will survive until my very last breath. I always had a pet of any kind although now I know that some of these could avoid being held in captivity because of their "wild" nature or for the fact that they are just not taking human conditions too well but this is also a learning process and I know what I know thanks to the fact that I got to know what I got to know... right :) My beloved ones are Humpbacks and for obvious reasons I cannot have a pet like that but one of my dreams is to swim with one to feel what other people have said they felt - a real, conscious presence of another being, completely aware of its size and careful toward you as much as possible it can be, knowing how fragile your body is without even touching you. I treat house pets but also other animals more like members of the family, with their individual taste and personalities and if you don't think they are smart enough to have a complex personality then there is still a lot for you to learn about the Kingdom of Life and I promise it would take your breath away in excitement not once, more than anything else created by us, ever in your life. We now suspect that dolphins may be a subject to a complex social behavioural structures with their own language (even dialects!), tradition and even... history. It's just deeply buried under all that advancement that we are covered with on a daily basis, remaining completely blind to what's out there and to give you an example which is as funny as it is sad, please follow the link below. Shortly - people were terrified because they saw... the night sky full of stars, with our magnificent Milky Way in the background. You can think what do you want to think about that.

I Love music and I simply can't live without a song each day and I would like for my future viewers to fully enjoy the content I produce in any way they wish so I always try to make sure and to use all my skills available at a time, which I also constantly expand, to make the audio to be be the integral part of the rest of the thing. It amplifies the immersion and the feeling is true if someone really loves it.


Astronomy lovers? I don't know how it is possible for this simulation not to be a true hit amongst science lovers, all over the Internet, but somehow it avoided this "fatal" destiny so I would like to remind you once again that this thing is completely free, it takes around 1GB, it's only for PC but it's absolutely amazing and I personally think that children should have been played at schools with the footage taken from applications like this one - it expands your imagination exponentially and it happens automatically as you try to even begin to comprehend what you see on the screen. It baffles you and excites you. The sizes, the distances, the temperatures, the brightness, the shapes, the emptiness filled every here and there with something of a different type. It's beautiful and it's completely neutral toward whoever you might be. It never discourages with regards to a colour of a skin, nationality, gender, sexuality, height, foot size and lastly social status. It doesn't tell you anything about how you should be but it can teach you why you are like this and then it can show you how you could be to become better. Who wouldn't want to know that? - you've got to see this one.


Do not underestimate your intellect. Do not allow for anyone to convince you that only because of the fact that "they" said you think too much it means you should think less. Stay true to yourself and if being a bit "crazy" or "different" makes you happy and fulfilled then stay "crazy" for as long as you enjoy it. If you really see and feel and know that thanks to your effort you are getting better in anything that is important to you, you are getting closer to the "middle" then why would you allow for anyone to convince you that you are just wasting your time? Everyone will agree that it's insanity but let me remind you that this place is not entirely normal and we deal with craziness on a daily basis. I'm crazy about science. What's your "thing"?

Please, follow me on FB profile to know more about me:

If you like photography (one of my passions) then check my albums - you will find few good bits over there and also have a look at my Instagram:

You will find a bit more in there and also - what do you think about my impression of Newton's facial expression in the newest meme? I couldn't find anything better than the top left corner of the picture so I decided to fight with his "apathy" since it didn't fit the message from the quote :)


Lastly, once again, please consider supporting my project and the fundraiser. I don't know how it will end up and I don't even know if I will succeed but I got myself all in and I am not going out. Someone has to care about things like that since almost no one else does. Just look around yourself and ask your friends if they think that science is in jeopardy - they will tell you to knock on your head for asking irrelevant questions and happens that this question is one of the most relevant now. We don't simply have a comfort of giving our kids and their kids and their kids completely free hand in shaping their future lives and the world around them, accordingly to their wishes and needs only. Why? Because, at some point, we have found ourselves exploiting our world way too over the limit and despite the fact that for certain freedoms is way too late we at least know now what to avoid and all we should focus on right now is how to convince them not to repeat our mistakes although it clearly looks like we have enjoyed and still do enjoy many of them. Not entirely for our own sake but for the sake of them we have to get our things together and realise that the time to joke about necessity of stepping up has passed and now it's time to step up. I want to do it for myself, for you and for every young person that is out there, left alone with his or her dreams, in a world that is quite ungrateful toward people thinking a bit more than the "norm" apparently regulates.

You don't know anything about me other than those few words I have left for you but you can clearly see that the passion for science is something that I cannot even hide and I am not planning to. I live with science and eventually I fully realised that, in the last few years. It means that people did and will often accuse me of being a robot, lacking morals and without feelings, trying to dismantle the romantic meaning of love hidden behind hormonal behaviour or anything of that sort but the point is, I don't care because there is a chance that they are wrong and that my activity will contribute to the whole thing in any, even the slightest way and maybe one day it will help someone to unfold his own wings of passion.

How I dare to compare myself to Sir Albert Einstein? Like he said: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious". Help me to make people curious.

Thank you for your time and support



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