Northwest Computer Museum

by Joe Kay in Wigan, England, United Kingdom


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Support the project for a new Northwest Computer Museum which will incorporate Workshops and training facilities.

by Joe Kay in Wigan, England, United Kingdom

Consider the future by learning from the past 

Keep alive the history of computers for generations


There is an identified need to provide a computer & internet museum for the people of Northwest area. There is only a handful of other such facilities in the UK. The “hands-on museum” will provide people with a sense of community, improve people’s knowledge of IT and provide training and job opportunities.

Direct Technology Communities CIC, trading as Northwest Computer Museum, is a brand-new CIC company to bring old and new technology to the community. It will have a full computer museum with usable exhibits from the 1970s to date and workshops to help and train people from the young to the old in the usage of retro computers, different programming languages and programming of electronic boards such as Arduino/Raspberry PI Boards to design electronic projects.


From the understanding of old computers from the 70s to date, people will be able to use and learn how to program and use. This will give communities the understanding of computing from the past to date and the use of future technology, like the Microsoft Hololense. Importantly, the museum will be an interactive museum and always developing.


We will have the facilities for clubs and individual to gain more skills and to use the equipment that they would not be able to access before. There will be a vast amount of information on display for the old computers and the early days and the internet to date with the future of technology. 

We will work with both young & old, ex-forces and organisations to help them with the different technologies by giving them a basic understanding of what technologies used to be like by using the museum’s equipment. This can help to focus individuals and charity organisations on different areas of technology they can develop a career or interests in or which can help them in their organisations; and also using new technologies of today i.e. Virtual Reality to Windows Mixed Reality.

There will be a small onsite Internet Coffee room to allow people who cannot afford to have internet at home to use the internet at a small price with printing facilities.

Workshops will be offering training, such as, Programming Retro style, which will give a basic idea of programming to the latest languages like Visual Basic, C#, Python and SQL .

Also looking into City & Guilds Accreditation in computers for people to change or move into IT.

Aims & Objectives

We believe the Computer Museum will meet the following Aims and Objectives:

  • Provide vital IT Skills
  • Support the education of local people.
  • Give a sense of belonging for the Community.
  • Promote links to other social groups and strengthen our community.
  • Provide opportunities to increase community led activities.

    Through providing: - 
  • Education, training and work experience opportunities.
  • Local facilities and events for all the community
  • Workshops, classes and clubs that are inclusive for all the Community.
  • Volunteering and job opportunities.
  • Book Swap facility.



We have premise at The Galleries Shopping Centre in Wigan , we are just signing up for these premises. They are large premises with workshop space at the back of the unit.


Museum The main museum will be in this room, which is a large room and will have exhibits from the 70s to 90s, all usable with chairs so you can spend hours using your favorite machine from your past. There will be lists so you can copy them into your computers and access to software.

b6d81d720d8a882740855851f741e8d773110e78This second room will be for Virtual Reality, clubs and community projects, demonstrations, videos showing programs from the past and retro/computer clubs who want to use the museum.



There are around 2 workshop rooms in the premises :-

Sample of workshop


In the premises there will be spaces to use Virtual Reality equipment without being disturbed :-

Virtual Reality Workshop


VR Workshop, this also will be covering Mixed Reality like the Microsoft Hololense

In the premises there are nothing structural work to be done just redecoration, flooring and replacement ceiling tiles.


a4bdc172dcb139bde14ec8db60fbe0e2870cc72fThe Entrance will also be used as a Museum Shop, selling a range of retro computers like Commodore or Sinclair, so you can take home  a little bit of computer history and have fun using it. We will have memorabilia like Amiga or BBC computer mugs and so on. This will help with the continued funding for the museum for years to come along side with entrance charges, workshop usage charges etc.

The funding will help in:-

  • Decoration of the building
  • Furniture for the Workshops and Museum
  • Rent
  • Purchase of the some retro computers for the museum
  • VR Equipment
  • Training Materials
  • Raspberry Pi/Auduino Boards
  • PCs for training rooms
  • Utilities


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Silver Tier 1 Donation

As the bronze donation but with a family of four entrance to the museum & Family name to be on the Sponsors wall.

£10 or more

£10 - Bronze Tier 1 Donation

Donate £10 we will send you an email thanking you for your donation and will keep you on our mailing list for future information.

£25 or more

Bronze Tier 2 Donation

As Bronze Tier 1 but with tickets for two admission to the Museum when it opens

£100 or more

Silver Tier 2 Donation

On donation of £100, you will be invited to the opening of the museum, name on the donation wall, entrance for family of 4 on the day & refreshments.

£250 or more

Gold Tier 1 Donation

As Silver reward with invite to Party after day of opening.

£600 or more

Gold Tier 2 Donation

As the Gold Tier 1 rewards, this also includes a choice of a used Commodore 64 or Sinclair Spectrum computer to take home.

£1,200 or more

Platinum Donation

As the Gold Tier 2 rewards, you will also be honored with a special plaque on the donation wall and tickets for 4 for 12 months entrance to the museum/workshops

£5,000 or more

Founder's Pledge

Rewards as the Platinum donation. You will get a special Founder's plaque on the donation wall, 24 months entrance for 4 to the museum/workshops & an Exhibit in your name as one of the founders of the Northwest Computer Museum

Let's make 'Northwest Computer Museum' happen