Perfect Pals go to Brighton Fringe

NorthSouth Theatre would like to showcase their poignant WW1 story "Pals" at Brighton Fringe Festival.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

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About the show

Pals is an amusing and touching new piece of writing set during the first years of the Great War. This Poignant story follows Stan and George as enthusiastic Pals who volunteer to join Kitcheners new battalions. Their experience of life on the western front is a stark contrast from what was promised to them by the officers signing them up "back before Christmas" they said. With embarrassing medicals, french girls, rats, lice, shrapnel and a bare bum, these pals will stick together through it all.

Pals has been well received across Cornwall and has had some great reviews.

     "Perfect Pals 4 ****" The Cornishman                             "Pals is a real Gem 5*****" West Briton

The Company

NorthSouth Theatre is based in sunny Cornwall and has only been going for two years. Jason and Steven have been  working hard to bring stories to life with a link to the past combined with their own twist of humour stitched among the seams of good theatre. During this time Jason has had his head in his books researching and writing three new stories to tell and Steven has been bringing these stories to life reimagining the scripts to stage. Together they have turned an empty  stage to life from  a realistic trench to a whaling ship from the 1800's and even helped Father Christmas find his reindeer. NorthSouth Theatre continues to build and work with new and established actors but now its time to bring their stories to the rest of the country.

We need your help!

With your help they would like to widen their audience and become apart of the continuing tradition of regional touring theatre.

We have already secured the venue at Brighton Fringe and would like to thank Sweet Venues for putting on Pals at Sweet venue Waterfront 1 (

What we need now is to get there and some accommodation for the 4 actors in this show. The fringe is expensive but we feel that being there will help us as a company to reach new heights and your donation will help us to do this. If we manage to go past the £2000 we are  asking then any excess will go towards our national tour of Pals we hope to start this Autumn.

As an added extra everyone who has kindly donated will automatically go into a draw for a chance to win one of our props used in the play.    www.facebook/northsouththeatre     

twitter: @northsouth14    Youtube:Northsouth theatre

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