North Somerset Informed Voters

North Somerset Informed Voters

Inform the people of North Somerset about the disturbing truth of the prejudiced, mean, and deceitful record of current MP, Liam Fox.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Due to the lack of time in this snap election, this crowd funder is now CLOSED. To get a big impact, we'd need to have the money to start making the advert in time for publication on Thursday, and despite all the efforts, it's clear that's not going to happen. No money has been, or will be, taken from donors.

Please do take a moment to read about the project though, and hop over to our twitter acount @nsagainstfox for lots of sharables about Liam Fox. 

Thanks for your support!



We aim to connect with traditionally-minded residents of North Somerset and inform them that Liam Fox is a crook and does not have their best interests at heart. We want to provide non-partisan information about Liam Fox's record.

The themes of Fox's actions we'll be highlighting are:


  • £19,000 phone bill that tax payers paid and he did nothing about for 4 years 
  • Overclaimed his expenses by £22,500, then fought in the high court trying not to pay the money back


  • Called for savage cuts to pensions
  • Supports the Tory manifesto full of cuts to pensioners' incomes
  • Voted against making an exception on benefits claims cut-off for victims of ongoing cancer patients
  • Wants to re-introduce fox-hunting with dogs


  • Breached MP security as defence secretary and was forced to resign in disgrace
  • Sold arms to countries committing atrocities against their own people


  • His charity took half a million pounds from the government, and has better funded Fox's staff for holidays than the military veterans the charity is meant to help
  • Lied about sending a tweet that was displayed behind him and is still on his twitter account


  • Consistently voted against LGBTQ rights 


  • Called British business people 'fat and lazy'

People of North Somerset might not protest like this: 

But we sure can vote.

Conservative MP Liam Fox has been the incumbant in North Somerset for 25 years. It will take a big effort to unseat him, and it's critical to reach out to older residents who are long-time Conservative voters.

We want to maximise coverage in the older demographic who make up many of the voters in the constituency. To reach out to these people, we'll need to do something in their preferred medium - print. 

This is costly. We'll need £7500 to run a really impactful info-advert campaign to tell people what they're really voting for. It will be far-reaching, and we'll fight to make sure other news outlets cover the effort. We'll cause real upset to this Tory safe-seat in this cynical election.

We won't waste your money on half-hearted efforts; it's an all or nothing campaign. We will do everything we can to have an MP North Somerset doesn't have to be ashamed of. Essentially - anyone but Fox

You don't have to be from North Somerset to donate. Everyone will benefit from Liam Fox being out of power for a while. But we will only be campaigning in North Somerset. 



We're a non-party-political group of concerned constituents. Every penny of the money raised will be spent on running adverts highlighting the record of Liam Fox and the Conservative party in North Somerset.