North Somerset Green Party: Election Campaign 2017

North Somerset Green Party: Election Campaign 2017

Help North Somerset send a message to Theresa May and the Tories: they shouldn't take this constituency for granted

We did it!

On 22nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £877 with 26 supporters in 56 days

Charley Pattison (pictured above right) is the Green Party's parliamentary candidate for North Somerset in the 2017 General Election and Suneil Basu (pictured above left) is the candidate for Weston-Super-Mare.  They both live and work locally, Charley is a self employed legal aid barrister and Suneil is a secondary school teacher at a mixed comprehensive school. Charley and Suneil want to challenge the politics of hate and the Conservatives' damaging local policy that continues to put profit over people.

The Conservatives have held a majority in the region for far too long and we have seen them promote austerity that has hit the most vulnerable the hardest. Politics in North Somerset and Weston-Super-Mare has to progress, but in order to do so we need to be able to challenge the incumbent Conservative MPs: Liam Fox MP and John Penrose MP. We need your help to do that. Each deposit costs £500 and being able to deliver leaflets or newspapers across the region will be another £500 - £1,000. Now is the time to show the constituency that the Greens mean business, and you can help; whether it is £1, £5, £10, £20 or more. 

Charley and Suneil stand for a positive vision of how our region and country could be: a caring society that invests properly in public services; a fair economy that provides decent jobs and homes for all; action on climate change and protection for nature; and honest politics where young people get a say in their future.

Help Charley and Suneil send a message to Theresa May and the Tories: they shouldn't take this constituency for granted.

Please chip in to help North Somerset Green Party campaign in whatever way you can.  THANK YOU for your support and please follow our campaign on the North Somerset Green Party webiste, or on Twitter:

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The small-but-important print:

Please note that any donations over £50 have to be declared to the Electoral Commission along with the name and address of the donor.  Anonymous donations over £50 cannot be accepted.

By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person.  All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

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