Norfolk Help Refugees

Norfolk Help Refugees

In November we will be volunteering with L'auberge des Migrants in Calais. We will be collecting physical and financial donations.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In November we will be making our second trip to Calais to help L'auberge des Migrants in the warehouse. We will be taking a van loaded with aid and will be working in the warehouse for three days before returning home. 

By the time we get there half the camp will have been demolished by the French authorities. The people living there are desperately in need of help and terrified of what will happen next. Will families and friends be split up? Will they lose everything? 

Its a bleak and frightening prospect at a time when the weather will be becoming increasingly harsh. The cold has proved fatal for people living in refugee camps, particularly small children. A startling 65% of refugees in Europe are mothers and children so this is a very real worry. 

We have raised enough funds to cover the trip and will soon begin collecting food and sleeping bags. But for now we are looking for donations to send to Help Refugees, a grass roots organisation which provides vital support for families in Calais, Paris, Dunkirk, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and, importantly, in Syria. 

No one who has seen the awful pictures coming out of Aleppo can fail to be moved by the plight of the families living there or those who have been displaced by this cruelest of conflicts. Help Refugees also funds The White Helmets. As their website states "when the bombs rain down, the White Helmets rush in." In a place where public infrastructure no longer exists, they really are the difference between life and death for many.  

We firmly believe its important for all of us to try to do something to help, rather than looking on in helpless horror.  So if you are able to donate even a few pounds you can do so in the knowledge you really will be making a difference to the people who need it most.