Nordic Walking for Parents and Toddlers

Nordic Walking for Parents and Toddlers

I want to help families come together by doing Nordic walking with parents and children using specially designed poles.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I help people do Nordic walking in the local community. This is a special technique that helps you lose twice as many calories as normal walking and takes 70% pressure of the joints. It is mainly done for older adults with medical coniditions but many grandparents wish they were doing exercise with their familys alongside them at the sametime.

My aim is to try and raise 2k to help buy childens nordic walking poles to help make this happen so parents and children and their children can go out in the community and walk together doing nordic walking,

Special designed minature poles have just been created and are avilable to buy where children can learn nordic walking and practice their skills alonmgside their families. With so many families not spending time together these days i belive getting this vital equiment would bring families together and this project could rolled out in schools and surrounding areas bringing closer links to communities and using parks for family activities.