Noir Watches

Noir Watches

Hi my name is Mo and I need some help turning my ideas into reality. Your donations will help me achieve my dream & do something passionate.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Muhammad Patel. From childhood I have always loved watches. After working in Customer Service & Finance majority of my life I have now decided to pursue a career in something I will be happy in and will do with a passion. As they say "Pleasure in a job puts perfection in the work" & this is something I want to achieve. 

I have a lot of bespoke & unique watch designs and also have a supplier in the far east who are also in love with my designs and would love to make my ladies & gents timepiece designs into a reality and put them in production. I feel there is a gap in the market for the designs I have and will definitely be a success worldwide. 

Unfortunately like all big companies there is a minimum order quantity I have to meet and as I have just spent majority of my savings on a deposit for a property I do not have the financial capability to meet the minimum order quantity for the order. I therefore ask for you guys to help me fulfill my dream and fund me as much as you can to make my dream a reality. 

Thank You