TASTE 'sans allergens' Recipe Book

by Sylvia Warry in Elmswell, England, United Kingdom

TASTE 'sans allergens' Recipe Book
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Hello Everyone. I hope you're well. I started No One Goes Hungry three years ago. The initial idea was to build a community connecting loca...

by Sylvia Warry in Elmswell, England, United Kingdom


  • Hello Everyone. I hope you're well. 
  • I started No One Goes Hungry three years ago. The initial idea was to build a community connecting local food to local people no matter how advantaged or disadntaged they are and all over the world. The plan was to build an app for this called no one goes hungry. I'm still looking for an app designer for this but what has happened in the meantime serendipitously is the emergence of a unique line of food created by myself that covers most allergens so that those with dietary requirements can enjoy treats. And so I developed nogh as a business in it's own right using the name No One Goes Hungry to address people with allergies and dietary needs such as veganism while keeping in mind the wider meaning and goal of a community food networking app in the future in the hope I'll find a willing developer.
  • Recently I've rebranded the business to TASTE which will be the new title of the recipe book. NOGH will continue as a name for the charity I hope to develop with the food security app mentioned above. 
  •  I've worked long hours. I've baked and made hundreds of cakes, bars, energy balls and raw slices. I've worked on markets in all weather's at the crack of dawn karting my entire stall around in a little fiat 500 (tardis in desguise) and sold my products through cafés and shops. 
  • Since building TASTE I've been asked dozens of times for my recipes which I've kept secret all along but I'm now ready to share them with you. 
  • I'm asking for your help to publish the TASTE recipe book.
  • I need to raise enough for editing and publishing fees. Many of you have enjoyed my creations but are just too far away to be able to consume them regularly as they don't fair well in the post. 
  • I've worked hard to make TASTE a success and have appreciated the support from all of you. 
  • This recipe book is my way of saying thank you. For £10 you can reserve your signed copy and have endless enjoyment making these delicious vegan and gluten free healthy alternative treats in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Most of the recipes are simple and easy to follow but once the book is published I will make YouTube tutorials upon request to help with the realisation of any of the more complicated ones for added fun and support! 
  • Please don't hesitate to share this crowd funder with any groups you're on or on your Facebook profile. I will aim to have the book finished and published within the next few months. Thank you for your ongoing loyalty. It's very much appreciated. 
  • If you are pledging £10 please be sure to leave me your contact details so that I can send you your copy when it's ready. 

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