Nobody to Somebody

by Will Fairclough in Presteigne, Wales, United Kingdom

Nobody to Somebody
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Take an ordinary guy with an undiscovered talent to the top. Is it ever too late?

by Will Fairclough in Presteigne, Wales, United Kingdom

Before I start, I confess this feels somewhat alien to me asking for funds from complete strangers. For something that can be seen as self-indulgence rather than a just cause. But after researching how crowd funding works I understand how this is an opportunity for like-minded people to get active and involved in a human causes. From the important stuff like medicine and end of life campaigns, to the everyday life interactions, like this.

This campaign title says Nobody to Somebody. I confess, I am already a somebody. I am a very important somebody to my two beautiful daughters and my wife. I am a somebody to my family, my friends, my clients, my business partners.

But in the world of motor racing I am a nobody. There's reason for this, I've just started out. Its was a dream of mine to get behind the wheel of a race car since I was a boy. No different then from any other childhood dream. Just an ordinary boy. How quick could I be? 

In 2018 I got that chance. My life long ambition came true. At 40 years old I've worked hard all my life and this year I did it. I pay for my seat with a racing team and I start my career. 

In my life I've always set myself challenges. I'm now setting another. To become a motor racing Champion in a top level racing series, which ever series that may be. BTCC, or a GT series. Within 5 years. A racing champion? Me? I'm just an ordinary bloke. That doesn't happen, does it?

Can I become a professional racing driver, and a Champion? A simple, normal family guy. Daddy to two little girls (who already think I'm the fastest driver in the world).  Even if this didn't come off, I've already succeeded in being an inspiration to my girls. A role model. 

So why? Well. I'm fast. Very fast. How fast? I'm now halfway through my first season in the Mini Challenge UK series, Cooper S class. 9 races in. I have crossed the line in 1st place in four of those races. I've been on the podium 7 out of 9 visits to the track. I'm currently leading the Championship which includes the highest fastest lap and qualifying laps points tally.

To succeed with this challenge there'll be a lot of hard work. It starts now. Well, it actually started in January 2018 when I signed for my racing team. 

To accomplish this goal I need funding. At this stage, funding from donations and sponsorship. From people who like an underdog story. Where somebody has come from nowhere, started late, had been written off, too old, has no chance. From people who share an interest in Motorsport, or not as it may be. Simply they want the little guy to 'make it'. Or companies that want to be part of a great story. Let me tell you, if I can get the backing I will be a Champion. That's a promise.

As we progress, I will be working hard to get increased funding from Motorsport company relations and other investments to help with donation funding. I know it will only get me so far. I'm realistic but every bit helps. Trust me on that. I will also be contributing myself, but realistically my pockets don't run deep enough for this Challenge alone.

How do I realistically see myself accomplishing this Challenge? Progression. Progression through recognised Motorsport series' that get me to the top, televised series. Series like BTCC, or a GT Series. This is the level at which this Challenge is aimed. I have to win of course. I have to be fast and consistent to progress to through the ranks.

I currently race in the Mini Challenge Series Cooper S class. If results continue to come for me this year I should be champion. Next class up is the progression to JCW class. This is my target for next year.

Each season I will set a financial target. The target for next year to run in the JCW class is £65,000. If I am able to win at JCW level, I would then be looking to progress to a top level series, if the funding permits. 

  • To stay at my current level I need £25,000
  • To progress to next class (JCW) I will need £65,000
  • To progress into a GT series or BTCC I will need £125,000

Your donations will help fund the right people to support me. I can't do this alone. Those people will be a management & PR company, and a Motorsport team.

What ways can you donate? Two ways. A straightforward donation. Any amount. Or secondly, sponsorship. You may have a company with which you would like to contribute funds through. Use your marketing budget to advertise through Motorsport. We can do that.

For every single person that contributes, you will be recognised and thanked on my website. No donation will be too small. And every donation will be cherished and appreciated.

For deep pocket donors, a donation over £5,000 will automatically be considered a sponsor and we can talk about sponsorship products, brand recognition, name of car etc.

Maybe you are a business owner and you'd like some bragging rights....whole car sponsorship. I can make that happen.

Whoever you are. Great or small. Be part of this story. Together.

Thank you.


More about my 2018 season

For more information about the series I'm currently racing in, visit FB page -  Mini Challenge UK