by Aaron Clifford in Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom



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I have hurt myself. Through the use of drugs I have corroded my nose. I am in need of help. The initial operation will cost £12000.

by Aaron Clifford in Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

I am 40 years old. My septum and alar rims are in parts missing from my face. 

I have suffered with several brake downs due to life events - I felt that I could not take any more of the suffering and pain felt. I inhaled a chemical and then used cocaine. The results have been severely devastating to my physical appearance and mental state. 

I am with constant irritations inside and around the edges of the nostrils. I now have one nostril flared and the other collapsed. One is pushed in and the other pushed out. 

The constant reminder of my struggles is daily. It has had the ability to completely change my life. I have little to zero self esteem now and I do believe I was once a handsome and outgoing man. I would very much like to look ok again so that I can atleast conversate properly, or confidently seek employment again. 

I have four children who I have not seen for almost two years now. Due to struggles had with their mother - I have ended up socializing with the wrong type of people who I didn't really know and shouldn't of trusted. I would love to see my children again. 

The court has banned me from seeing my children. I had a contact order for every weekend and their mother never stuck to it. It's all exhausted me and I would ask for help with the cost of a family solicitor also. I can prove I am a good Father and it's the fact that my children are so young that they can stop me seeing them. There is no funding for family matters in the UK under legal aid. 

Also if I may add, I made an attempt to seek help at the High Court but was refused. The party I took to the  Court is asking for £4500 solicitor fees. Please can you help me with that too - so that I am able to live without the threat of Bailiffs. Legal aid funding has been reduced for civil matters in the UK and I was without fair trial 

I need help in life and am able to help others. I'm terribly broken at present. I have endured Police beatings and acts of brutality from local authorities due to me wanting Justice after they all defended malicious Intent with the prosecutor. I ask for funds to be able to fight this in an Administrative Court. 

If anyone is reading this and they are in a position to help me, please can you just help me ? My phone number is 07710562566.

Thankyou for the time and consideration,

Aaron Clifford. 

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