Noah's Place

Noah's Place

Noah's Place our aim is to assist adults with learning disabilities into employment within their local community

We did it!

On 8th May 2017 we successfully raised £600 with 9 supporters in 42 days

At Noah's Place we strive to make the most out of the land that we have, with 5 acres of land we want to give our adults with learning disabilites the oppertunity to work inside as well as working outside with the animals and in the planting areas, our project at the moment is to build a polytunnell so that when the weather is not so good, we can carry on working in a warm and dry place, we can only do this with the help of our brillant friends and family and anyone else who feels they can support our crowdfunding fund.

This is James, James is autistic and has been volunteering at Noah's Place for the last six weeks, James is a great help when it comes to caring for the animals and helping to get the land ready for the polytunnell he also loves to be around the dogs and takes them out for regular walks around the field. James refers to Noah's Place as his place of work even though he is only here on a Tuesday & Thursday and he is always thanking us for letting him work at Noah's Place, when it is actually us who needs to thanks James for all the help he gives us which we so often do.

There are many more people like James who would love to go to work for a few hours, but due to their disability often cannot find work.

Noah's Place wants to bring more people like James onto noah's Place, to give them the oppertunity to learn new life skills that could help them to find a job in their local community.


In order for us to build our polytunnell we hired a digger & dumper for four days to move mounds of earth from the area where we want to build the polytunnell.

  There is more work to do but we have cleared the area for the polytunnell, now we need to make sure it is level and that we can get water to it, before we can start building what will be our wonderful warm polytunnell, that will keep our adults with learning disabilites warm in the winter months while they plant, grow and tend to the fruit & vegetables they grow.  so please help us to do this, it is really dificult to get grants now a days so every little helps.

  • £10 donated could bye a Spade/fork
  • £2 donated could buy a hand trowel
  • £5 donated could buy bulb planter
  • £1 could buy a pack of seeds
  • Any amount raised will go towards the polytunnel, garden equipment & seeds

Please join us on our facebook page or on our web site to find out all about Noah's Place and how you can help us achieve our goal

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