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To save the animal kingdom from extinction. Rhino's to Polar Bears, 2000 species need urgent help!

by Noah's Ark Animal Conservation in South Africa

The animal kingdom is at crisis point; climate change, over development, farming, ocean plastic and big game hunting and poaching are driving thousands of species off the face of the earth.

Celebrity publicists Hein and Richard Prinsloo Curson have taken on the challenge to raise five billion pounds to build the most technically advanced conservation facility ever conceived. Complete with pulse beam anti-aircraft technology to defend the animal population, from the ever-increasing technical arsenal employed by the modern poacher.   The pair are calling on friends and colleagues, celebrities and politicians to help make this dream a reality and win the support of the world.


Friend, celebrity butler, Eric Ienco, will travel the world lobbying the great and good of music to perform on a super single.  Eric and others on the team face the toughest challenges imaginable; will they succeed?  Together they will attempt to put declining species back into numbers that will see their long-term survival. They will document every turn, every win, and inevitable loss of this journey.

This is a five-year project, to generate international attention and motivate the world to support Noah’s Ark; Saving animals from extinction.