No Taxation + The Common law

No Taxation + The Common law

Change the way the system works.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Liberty and freedom under the common law,

No Taxation, just new ways a business model and charity run government.

The government should be able to create ideas that make cash to run services,

in history the use to be no tax, taxation is theft, we will look to spread this idea,

uphold the common law which will be told in schools, with practical skills given.

whats wrong with a government that runs a few global companies and takes all the profit.

rather than a percent off everyone else's income keep the money we'll make income as well.

reinvest it into a better country. also cut into the truth, just very best,

no corruption no messing around no BS free properous and functional.

no need to tax you, just donate as much as you like as a option, pay into a pension.

better government because you can use the money more wisely than the goverment with no tax.