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My aim is to host events creating dialogue with diverse individuals so that we can learn from them and deepen our own sense of authenticity.

by Shoshi Winstanley-Brown in London, England, United Kingdom

Who Am I? 

My name is Shoshi. I’m a life coach. Style coach. A woman. Queer. Spiritual. Human. My passion is anything that helps us to live better, feel better, be better. I believe in authenticity. We are all individuals and we have a unique opportunity to create and express. 

My Story 

I’ve always been passionate about authenticity although when I was younger that’s not what I called it. I wanted to be as myself as I possibly could be. I dressed differently, I liked to stand out. I started wearing different clothes to people around me. I came out quite late, in my early twenties. When I finished university and came into the real world as they call it, I noticed that some styles were deemed acceptable while others were not. At university we had the freedom to be ourselves, whereas once in the world of work we were expected to conform. Gradually, other limitations struck me as well, having very little time, being tied to one place through work and rarely able to travel back to see my family, not having the disposable income to really help the people I cared about. So I started learning about people who were living differently with a totally different mindset about what is possible. I left full-time employment to set up my own business as a life coach and style coach. I’ve experienced the challenges and the risks of living my own life as authentically as possible. I believe that no matter what we have, we will never be genuinely happy if we are not living as ourselves. That’s why I want us to learn from other people who are living extraordinary lives on their own terms. 

What’s My Vision?

Expanding conversation. Encouraging self-expression. Individuality. Our view of the world is defined by what we are exposed to. Even in this age of expansion and diversity it can feel like we are surrounded by restriction. Limitations on what we wear, how we look, how we earn. But the truth is that we are surrounded by people who are succeeding. People who have taken a stand, founded start-ups, discovered deep spiritual connection, found the courage to dress their way regardless of convention or expectation. I want to create events that start conversations, bringing these people to us so that we can learn and apply their techniques, their habits and their courage in our own lives. The focus won’t be on one discipline. It’s spirituality, LGBTQ+, fashion, life coaching. Anyone who has taken an idea, a part of themselves and ran with it to create something unique. Sometimes it can feel like we don’t have choices. These individuals can prove us wrong and show us what’s possible. Our lives are canvases for us to use. I want us to come together, learn from each other and use what we learn to create authentic lives. 

How Will It Work?

The events will be seated in theatre settings. Rather than a scenario where the individual comes and gives a talk for a particular length of time, I want it to be more interactive. More personal. It will be more of an interview style where we would both also be sat down and it would be a discussion. That will give me the opportunity to delve into the particular elements of their experience that I think would be of most interest to the people who have attended and would allow us to benefit as much as we possibly can from the interaction. Hopefully there would be a possibility at the end for people in the audience to ask their own questions as well. 

How Do We Make This Happen?

The events would be based in London at various venues and held from the outset once a month with the possibility of increased frequency. The cost of venues will generally range from about £850 upwards, typically up to approximately £3,000 for a space that would seat between 100 and 500 people in a theatre. Larger events are a possibility in the future but at this point we will probably be looking at a maximum of about 500 attendees. Prices for speakers vary greatly depending on the individual, their experience and how well-known or in demands they are within their industry. Probability is that the price per speaker would be about £2000 upwards. I would also need to hire an events photographer which would cost up to £500 and potentially someone to undertake filming of the event at approximately £375. A large portion of the money raised will need to be invested in marketing, predominantly online, i.e. social media marketing. I will likely opt to use Facebook and Instagram ads and would use a social media marketing company to ensure that it’s done professionally. The price of tickets would depend on the venue and the number of speakers attending. Tickets for events with one speaker which is what I am planning on starting out with would probably be between £30 and £40. This campaign should run for approximately 28 days which will bring us to the end of August. I’d therefore hope to launch the first event about 4 to 6 weeks after that date which would take us to end of September / middle of October. 


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