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Brain Tumour Support - Vital help for families

by Lindsay Crennell in Thornbury, England, United Kingdom


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Our mission is to provide specialist, practical and emotional support to anyone facing a devastating, life changing, brain tumour diagnosis.

by Lindsay Crennell in Thornbury, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our mission is to ensure that no-one has to face a diagnosis alone. The virtual support model has meant that we can now support a greater geographic spread - As we move back to more face to face support (which is the preference of the people we help) we will need to increase the size of our team to ensure that we can provide the service needed across the whole of the UK.

Brain Tumour Support’s strength is our professional staff – drawn from teaching, social work, therapy, nursing, psychology and youth work. They form a regional network of highly skilled support workers, who know the particular problems of coping with a brain tumour and who provide the essential care and support that everyone with a brain tumour deserves.

The ability to recruit an additional support professional will provide much needed in person support for people going through incredibly tough times, regardless of where they live in the UK.

I work with the incredibly dedicated team at Brain Tumour Support, and like many of my colleagues I have personal experience of the devastating impact  that a brain tumour diagnosis has on the whole family unit.  It is a very frightening and often isolating experience and our mission is to ensure that no-one has to face this alone.  

Due to the impact of COVID 19 we have had to provide our support virtually which, whilst far from perfect, has actually meant that we are able to reach more people. Also,we anticipate an increased need to support the neuro-clinical teams in the coming months because, as clinics start to re-open and resume, scans will sadly reveal many new cases that are even more urgent due to the delay in diagnosis. Too many people are being faced with the devastating diagnosis each year – every two hours, someone is diagnosed with a brain tumour in England.

For anyone already living with a brain tumour, which is approximately 55,000 in England alone, having a source of help, guidance, support and reassurance has often been described as a lifeline. Depression is a common side effect of brain tumour medications and the mental health of patients can vary tremendously. The tumour itself, as well as surgery and other treatments, can cause long-term damage and cognitive impairment. The emotional and psychological impact on loved ones and carers also takes a huge toll, emotionally, practically and financially on a complete household. We are the only charity providing this range of emotional and practical support to address those complex issues.

 Please help us raise funds to ensure that we can run our support sessions and provide the specialist and individualised support that people so desperately need.

Let's make 'Brain Tumour Support - Vital help for families' happen

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