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On 29th March 2021 we successfully raised £233 with 11 supporters in 14 days This is a campaign to send thousands of headteachers in the UK

by Fight For Our Kids in Torquay, England, United Kingdom

We have partnered with a marketing company who have a database of thousands of headteachers work contact details. This company usually works with businesses for marketing purposes but they have agreed to help us with this campaign for the reduced cost of £595. 

What will happen?

We will craft a series of six emails which will be sent out on a weekly basis to thousands of headteachers across the UK. The emails will express our concerns, and those of many parents about the physical, psychological, and educational effects of masks on children. We understand schools and headteachers have had an incredibly difficult time along with everyone else; the emails will be polite and courteous and above all informative. We support schools and teachers.  

Wont these emails just end up in spam folders?

No, the company use a system where the emails are computerised and sent out separately but in close succession. They will end up in inboxes. 

What is the aim?

 The aim is to educate headteachers and direct them towards the evidence and away from the mainstream dictates. We will tell them they dont have to enforce these cruel and counter-productive rules, and provide them with evidence of harm in each email. 

If masks are removed wont teachers and pupils be at greater risk of Covid?

Children are not at risk from Covid in the same way as adults are; the risk of serious harm to a child if they catch the virus compares to being struck by lightning more than once; they are also less likely than adults to pass it on, particularly if they are asymptomatic as children at school will be. There is a small risk to teachers from children with or without masks. Numerous studies and real world examples have shown masks make little statistical difference in the spread of Covid. Moreover, masks can lead to a false sense of security leading to social distancing being overlooked, and hence actually increasing the risk.   


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Copy of the email reports/replies After each email is sent out we will receive a report describing how many have been opened and responded to. We will share this

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