No Luck Audio Tour

by No Luck Audio in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

No Luck Audio Tour


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We’re travelling across the country to record a series of live sessions and film a documentary showcasing the amazing UK DIY music community

by No Luck Audio in Exeter, England, United Kingdom


So what's the plan?

This October, we’ll be jumping in our van and driving all over the country to record a series of sessions with young, under-represented bands and musicians. Not only will we be releasing these tracks afterwards but we will be filming as we go, with the goal of creating a documentary film about the lives, struggles and joys of being in the DIY music community.

What the heck is No luck Audio?

No Luck Audio is a recording studio and audio engineer based in Exeter. Our ethos is to provide an inclusive space: no bigotry, no fascism, no bullsh*t. 

Our aim is to make great quality recordings available to everyone. We are not for profit and offer discounted rates to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it as well as providing a nurturing environment for first time musicians or those who have had a negative recording experience in the past. The documentary should reflect this ethos and want people to walk away after viewing feeling like “hey, maybe I should start a band!"

The money bit!

This whole project is fully not for profit and we are all taking time out of our full-time jobs to zoom across the country to showcase the quietly thriving DIY scene. We will of course be paying for our own food and accommodation, but will hugely appreciate your donations to help towards filming/camera gear, recording/audio gear, travel cases, fuel, editing software and the list goes on! 

What do I get?

First of all, you get the sweet satisfaction that you are helping to promote and give voices to small independent artists and boosting the fantastic DIY music community. 

But also... Once the documentary is ready, we’re hoping to thank you all with a little something that remains a secret for now, but keep your eyes peeled!

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