NirvanaandCo Organics

NirvanaandCo Organics

My overrall vision for NirvanaandCo organics is to create a brand that focuses on Cruelty free skin care products affordable to all.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This investment will pay for training in all things skin and beauty kicking off my journey in this industry.

My overrall Vision is to focus predominately on cultivating a brand that is cruelty free, affordable to all, innovative skin treatments that not only help save/preserve our beautiful planet but also invigorate the skin positively and consistently.

However this investment would pay for training in:

Aesthetic education and training - This will provide me with indepth knowledge of all things skin.

Natural Skin care Module - This will aide a better understanding of organic natural products, the legalitys of creating a brand and making high end, natural and organic skin care products.


I am heavily invested in giving back to the planet and will be choosing to donate a  % of profits to causes that focus on protecting and maintaining the planet. In addition, alot of my ingredients for my brand' products will be sourced from developing countrys and it is in my best interest to respect and deliver to causes of those nations too. 


~*~The vision is heavy loaded with giving back ~*~

I want to thankyou in advance for any belief in my vision. 

If you are not able to give to this cause but have ideas on how else I could source money, education, tools or anything else relevant, please do spare a few minutes of your time to drop me your insight! I am greatly appreciative of any input at this stage.