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I’m going to level with anyone who reads this...I want a Switch & I have a story to tell...

by NinBenDo in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Gather round friends, I have a story to tell...

I enjoy gaming! A lot. My fiancé enjoys watching bad TV. A lot. 

Every night around 8pm (UK time) my valiant PlayStation 4 is left to go dormant. It sits in the darkness (inside my TV cabinet) while the TV is repurposed for a dark fate! Reality TV. The likes of Love island, I’m a Celebrity & a whole host of other things. The story is shocking so far...

I have dreams. dreams of being a young boy wielding a sword, being called a princesses name. Dreams of being a little Italian plumber with a superb moustache! Dreams of, enslaving small monsters who can harness the elements (if Steel is even an element) 

No more! No more, Shall I sit in silence (while listening to my AirPods & watching YouTube) I’m taking action! & you can to. Take one small step for man & potentially 1/300th of a step towards me getting a switch!

What’s in it for you, I hear you ask...

Physically, nothing. Maybe a crisp high five & an awkward smile if I ever see you (which I probably won’t, as I’ll be inside. Hopefully on my switch)

Emotionally, You can watch the sunrise on a (my) grateful universe. 

If you’ve enjoyed reading my dire story about selfish desires, feel free to drop any amount into the pot

In all seriousness, My Fiancé and I are walking a charity walk (100km London to Brighton) over the next few months. Any money I save on a switch, will go into the fund raising pot. 

Thanks for your time, peace out & fight the good fight against bad TV! 

Live long & prosper brothers & sisters. 

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