Nina's Reiki Master Level

Nina's Reiki Master Level

I am raising money to complete a master level in Reiki course so I can teach others, particularly people who would struggle to afford it

We did it!

On 17th Nov 2014 we successfully raised £450 of £450 target with 10 supporters in 14 days

Reiki  can be a very difficult thing to talk about, explaining to people you do healing using your hands and the body's energy can lead to people looking at you like you're a nutter. To be honest it was only 6 years ago I was one of those people, until 4 years ago I had an experience set me off towards completing a Level 1 Reiki attunement. After that I very quickly accepted the very real power of Reiki and went on to complete Level 2. Although Reiki had by no means become my whole life, it gently ticked away in the background and I felt as though I had a backing, something rooting for me and bringing me the things I needed in my life. Very soon after completing the Level 2 I was brought an opportunity to live and work (doing something completely separate from Reiki) in Japan for a year. This seemed an obvious move for me as Reiki is from Japan, during my year there I missioned to Mount Kurama where Dr Usui medicated and received the original Reiki energy. 

My goal now is to bring this to as many people as possible, but having noticed people being limited by the courses being expensive and usually far away. I want to make the training more accessible so that more people can benefit.

With the money I hope to raise I will be able to complete the Master course, allowing me to teach and attune others and charge what individuals can afford to pay.

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