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by Nikeisha in Bath, England, United Kingdom

NightOuts Accessories
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On 18th December 2019 we successfully raised £2,079 with 35 supporters in 47 days

My aim is to create Nightsout Accessories first pop up shop in the new year following the launch of the brand's first seasonal campaign.

by Nikeisha in Bath, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

It will be amazing if we (myself and NightsOut Accessories) reach our target and if we receive more than expected I will invest the money into promotion, advertising and marketing for the SS20 collection and donate a percentage to TAG and CLIC Sargent.


Once upon a time a young woman had a vision of promoting fashion accessories via social media. She ordered 4 pairs of earrings and set up a business profile that started to attract females from all across the world.

The response she received was amazing and within 3 weeks she had gained over 500 followers and launched her first pairs of earrings on the 23rd August 2019. With the highly anticipated launch in process, the "Noughts & Crosses" earrings unexpectedly sold out to the surprise of the young woman and because of this reason she decided to turn her idea of a dream into reality. Without hesitation she reordered the "Noughts & Crosses" earrings alongside 5 new pairs of earrings and interacted with small businesses, social media users and influencers to promote her next launch.

Then one dark day in September the young woman liked a photo and the shiny red heart disappeared and a message from the demons of Instagram popped up on her screen "ACTION BLOCKED". She didn't know what to do she had her next launch coming up in the week and she had no way of posting new content or engaging with social media but she tried. She liked a photo but Instagram said NO, she posted on her feed but Instagram said NO, she commented on a picture but Instagram said NO, but then she posted on her Instagram story and Instagram said... YES! So for the next week she interacted and engaged with her followers through her story and although she wasn't able to reach all the people she wanted, she continued on her journey and launched five new pairs of earrings.

A week later, the day finally came and she was unblocked, all she wanted to do was make up for lost time so she liked a photo, commented on a post, followed a new person and after two hours that dreaded message reappeared "ACTION BLOCKED"! Now she didn't know what to do, she was so passionate about her brand and wanted the world to know but the demons of Instagram kept getting in her way. 

She almost gave up until she had an idea to start new profile @nights_out_accessories and she decided to start again. From that day her brand has reached new and old followers, built relationships and now stocks 16 pairs of earrings, 7 headbands, 5 hair crowns and 2 styles of hair accessories. The brand has over 900 followers and continues to grow daily, there isn't a happily ever to the story just yet but there is a headband called "Happily Ever After" available to shop. 


My name's Nikeisha and I am the young woman in the story you just heard. Although I have briefly described my journey in the story above I also wanted to give you an insight to myself as person and how I reached this destination. 

So, let's start from the beginning. I was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis which means in a short version “Curved Joints". As a child my condition didn't affect me emotionally or physically (that I could tell) and my mum and dad raised myself and my two brothers the same so I never believed I was any different to them but as I grew older my disability started to cause me a lot of problems physically which led to a lot of emotional pain. However, I am happy to say with help from the NHS and support from my family and friends I am in a happier more confident place.

I have always been surrounded by a big family and although I have 3 brothers and 1 sister I also have a lot of cousins I can call sisters and to add to this I have a small group of friends that have all been on hand for advice and ideas with NightsOut Accessories.  

I just want to take a moment to highlight one friendship. I have been friends with this girl for over 15 years and we have been through a lot of good times together but we've also had a few bad times. One of those down times was when her youngest brother was diagnosed with Leukaemia. As a close friend I was there to hold her hand through this time in her life and spent a lot of time with her and her family. The reason why I’m telling you this you will discover my next and final story the aim.


The reason for the stories above is to give you an insight to my aim and why it means so much to me. As NightsOut Accessories grew I realised this could be a solution to an issue that has been on my mind for at least a year. With my condition I have to rest but I also have to be active but sometimes if I over do it my joints inflame and I am unable to do anything and over the last year or so I have found it a struggle to walk distances that I literally used to find a walk in the park. 

I have worked in a few career industries and recently had a job in Hair and Beauty which I loved however I ended up leaving because of my condition. I found it difficult to be reliable and present to my team, I found myself calling in sick a lot and this became a burden on me emotionally and financially. I began to think if this is a problem now, will I be able to work in 10 years' time? The thought of this scared me but the idea of NightsOut Accessories excites me. So far, I have been able to run my little business from just my phone so when I am having a bad day and I am unable to get out of bed I am able to work on NightsOut Accessories doing something I really enjoy. 

I'm nearly finished I promise, I just want to quickly go back to the end of my "Reality Story" where I spoke about my friend and her family dealing with her younger brother's diagnosis. Whilst spending time with them, I was introduced to a charity called CLIC Sargent and they help families and children who have been diagnosed with Cancer and do amazing work. I'm a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, things happen because they are supposed to and everyone's journey is already written. 

A few years after I was approached in the street by a CLIC Sargent volunteer and they asked if I would like to donate. Because I knew of the amazing work they did with my friend's family it was a no brainer and because of my donations I recently received a card in the post from young girl's mother thanking me for my generosity, and letting me know her daughter had now returned to school and was excited that she was able to wear her hair in pigtails.

This card and my condition I battle with daily has given me the idea to launch a one-day pop up shop at beginning of next year to not only raise awareness to my brand but also TAG who support young children and their families with Arthrogryposis and CLIC Sargent who as I mentioned are there for a family when a child is battling cancer.

The pop up shop will sell the whole NightsOut Accessories collection including the Winter Collection due to launch at the end of November and I will donate a percentage of the profits raised to the TAG & CLIC Sargent charities. 

However, I need your help to raise the funds to rent a space and advertise and market the event. If you can donate an amount affordable to yourself it will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please find the links below to the websites to both TAG and CLIC Sargent for more information about the remarkable work both charities provide.


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