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Pilot of a night time cafe for those in crisis

by Charles Cooke in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

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To pilot a night time cafe safe space where people can come to receive support when dealing with a personal mental well being crisis.

by Charles Cooke in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

The Mint Lane Centre accommodates a variety of services and activities that help people with their mental health, including counselling, peer support and social and creative activities. More about the centre here.....

People using the centre have, for a long time, sought a space where they can come when all other services are closed and they feel in need of extra support to get through a difficult day.  At present they only have the crisis phone lines or attendance at A&E.

Night Safe is an attempt to respond to this need with a facility adapted from the successful model of the Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service which has provided this support in Leeds for many years. Find out more....

A pilot is proposed which will open the Mint Lane centre two evenings and one weekday afternoon for people on the edge of mental health crisis.  These are the times when people tell us they feel most isolated for support.  Access to the service will be open for all registered members on request so they can come in to the centre, in the middle of Lincoln, and join a peer support group  to relax and leave their troubles behind.

  • The Night Safe will offer peer support and volunteers who have similar experience, and will offer an outlet for raw emotion, a sympathetic ear and an opportunity for people to understand that they are not alone.   
  • This will sometimes prevent suicides.

We know there is a major need for this and that the kind of facility we want to provide can make a major contribution to helping people cope with enduring mental ill health, reduce attendances at the NHS services, demand for telephone helplines and even divert people from thoughts of suicide.

Funding is needed to get a pilot service up and running, meeting costs of room hire, and, where necessary, the transport costs of bringing people in by taxi.  A short pilot is planned to demonstrate the demand and the outcomes that it can achieve so that it might in the future be considered for permanent funding through NHS or Public Health given the benefits in demand reduction that can be achieved.

We have the ideal location at Mint Lane, central and accessible.  We have volunteer counsellors from the Lincoln Trauma Centre. We have the long experience of  volunteers from Renew and the other peer support groups.  All we need is the seed corn funding to get it up and running.


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