Nick needs help!

by Nick. in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Nick needs help!
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I'm 71 yrs. old and had ms for 42 of them. I need a smaller than usual electric chair, costing £3,800 + £150 delivery to stay in my bungalow

by Nick. in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

I contracted ms when I was 29, fortunately a mild form of it and was very grateful  for the medical and nursing care I received during its onset. When I went into my first remission after a little more than a year I decided to nurse other people who needed help through no fault if their own, and was finally accepted to work as a Nursing  auxiliary. I chose that to find out whether I was strong enough to nurse and see whether I liked it - it is far more than a job - and I found I was strong enough and that I loved it!

After a year or so I wanted to do more but at first was refused because of my having ms and so I continued as a Nursing Auxilliary, but I still wanted to train, and eventually I won that fight, trained to be an SRN and nursed in total for 18 years but eventually had to retire as my condition worsened.

I have been in the secondary progressive stage of ms for some years and now I have hardly any use of my hands or arms, and almost no use in my legs.

I have tried for nine years to get my bungalow made large enough for a wheelchair when this day arrived but with no success, and now the only way is to use a smaller wheelchair than usual because there is not enough room here for a normal one.

I found one which swivels on its own axel and can turn  90° and 360°, meaning no turning circle as wheelchairs need, so I could go down my narrow corridor and turn at right-angles into my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, which isn't possible with the electric wheelchairs available; unfortunately it costs £3,800 plus £150 delivery charge.

I really genuinely have no money, struggle financially to live, and so would be so grateful if people could help me raise this money - please, and  ASAP! The alternative would be to move which would be expensive and a nightmare, after over thirty years of living here, or to go into a home which would be the start of a slow and very unhappy death for me! A home is not for me.

I hate asking but I now have no alternative, so please help if you can.

Thank you.


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