Nick Giles road to recover and success

by Nick Giles in Wales, United Kingdom

Nick Giles road to recover and success
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Due to an unforeseen incident on my bike I had to undergo two operations to allow me to ride again. Sadly this meant no work was possible.

by Nick Giles in Wales, United Kingdom

I am Nick Giles and I’ve just turned 60.

I’m a seasoned high level road cyclist who had a raced road bikes for over 35 years.

In January 2018 I came off my bike and broke my hip and femur due to conditions of the road and masses muck from the farm that road next too. This meant major surgery and a metal rod implant to allow my femur to be aligned. 

I have now had the rod removed in January 2019, having this operation has meant that I can no longer maintain a lifestyle and afford to pay for my rent.

My vision and goal for 2019 is to get back to full strength and fitness to allow me to compete in my all my local races, national championships and world championships in Poland.

The funding raised would be used to pay for my travel to and from races, maintenance of my bike, training camps and also allowing to maintain the standard of a professional athlete to help my goal of recovery and winning races.

I am also willing to add business sponsorship/corporate logos etc to my kit if this is something a sponsor would like to agree to.

Let's make 'Nick Giles road to recover and success' happen