Save the NHS with new documentary UNDER THE KNIFE

by Pam K Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

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The VISION: Get this film seen FREE for NHS staff, trade unionists, campaigners, pensioners, medical students and the general public

by Pam K Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

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Carol Lewis 20th August 2019

I am a This £100 contribution is from Keep Our NHS Public Dorset. The risks to the NHS of further (final) dismantling are very real, so this film needs to be shown widely. The words of Nye Bevan - “The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it”. The fight needs to carry on!

Diana Woodhead 20th August 2019

The NHS has been and remains vital in my family. We have had serious health problems and I know that in another country one of us may not be alive now.

Eric Leach 16th August 2019

The NHS is free at the point of use and we must fight to preserve this unique service for the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and for our children and our children's children

susan-clark 15th August 2019

The NHS means so much to people in this country. Carving it up for corporate profit and private greed demonstrates contempt for ordinary people and what they hold dear.

Jenny M Brown 15th August 2019

I support this massive and much needed effort to make a vital difference to all of us now and in the future. This is part of the great fight to save our NHS through years of continued battle because we know our NHS must be at the centre of our social fabric.

Christopher. 15th August 2019

I look forward to seeing this. I hope to be able to see it at a cinema near me, either at the Lewes Depot or perhaps at the Southampton Cinema de Lux. (Alas, whilst there is a Picturehouse cinema nearer to me i am boycotting that chain, and the Picturehouse cinema chain's owner Cineworld, because their is an ongoing boycott call in the name of a living wage.) I expect i would also like to buy the DVD if i find it to be good. I would like to suggest making this film without a soundtrack or music. I'm not in a position to say for certain that this is a good idea, but i find that on issues such as these that emotive soundtracks, or soundtracks in general, are regarded as suspicious; as an attempt to undermine the viewers' reason and as demagoguery. (I would agree with this sentiment in principle even if it isn't always the intent.) It seems to me that a consequence of this is that people are put off investing their time or money into any related activism for fear of being duped or simply having their time wasted. (I will be contacting the Under The Knife film team to suggest this. If you agree perhaps, dear reader, you should also contact them. Contact information is on this webpage: .)

kraemer 15th August 2019

The NHS is, still, a socialist project; disproving Hayek's prediction that such ideas are totalitarian

Dora Sneddon 15th August 2019

This film is really important for raising awareness of the concerted efforts underway to dismantle and privatise healthcare in the UK. Anything which stops this happening is worthy of support. We do not want a privatised healthcare system here. Reform? Yes. Privatisation? Never!


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Dinner with the Producer

Veteran investigative journalist and NHS worker Pamela Kleinot will take a lucky someone out for dinner and explain how the film was made and where the future of the NHS rests.

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