NHS/Frontline Worker PPE please support thee

by Funds or ppe donated itself in Bridlington, England, United Kingdom

NHS/Frontline Worker PPE please support thee
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Please join me and make a difference? Every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much

by Funds or ppe donated itself in Bridlington, England, United Kingdom

Hoping as a member of the general public to help towards gathering in funding monies so hospital may use it towards ppe, equipment, extra beds,  extra capacity holding etc all frontline workers are lacking ppe, and it may be up to a other month or so until government supplies can be delivered. Protecting our work force is key priority. As covid19 spreads workers will become ill like others of the nation, be off work in isolation, or in circumstances too can pass away. Both the infection rate and death toll are increasing all the time. Numbers are getting greater. Let's help them who help us.

And because the lack of ppe and the awaiting arrival time of supplies if guaranteed - in-between this timeframe there is the peak period drawing closer. So this now asap the better, rather than later. Trying to prevent the spread of disease as much and the death toll curve

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