A video to stop Brexit and save the NHS

by Get The Truth in London, England, United Kingdom

A video to stop Brexit and save the NHS
We did it
On 13th September 2018 we successfully raised £2,243 with 106 supporters in 28 days

Brexit is the biggest threat to the future of our NHS. Written by a junior doctor.

by Get The Truth in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello and welcome to our new project!

We are the team behind The Brexit Video and The Election Video (>2.3 million views on Facebook). We are crowdfunding to create a new video to explain why Brexit will be bad for the NHS in the same punchy style as our previous videos. With this we hope to increase support for the People’s Vote and to help save our NHS. 

The Idea

The most important thing that unites all Leave and Remain voters is our National Health Service. But Brexit is the biggest threat to its future. This is the message and we believe this is our strongest angle and motive to change public opinion on Brexit and to increase support for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. 

We are also raising awareness to the real cause of our NHS crisis, the chronic underfunding and creeping privatisation by this Conservative government. We feel this adds weight to the reason why we should be so worried about the impact Brexit will have on our health service. 

The Team

Project leads and main script writers are Jeremy, an A+E doctor, and Gareth who works for the local council. We are working in collaboration with Scientists For EU, Healthier In and a number of other NHS professionals.

The Target

We need to raise £4000 to produce the video. This will cover recording studio time and animation by Peter Caires who created our previous videos. Additional funding will go towards paid promotion of the video on Facebook. The animation style will be similar to our previous videos but, given the content and scripting, will be more mature. 

The Script

My name is Jeremy and I’m an A+E doctor. Right now our NHS and your health are in real danger and I’d like to show you why.

Our NHS is in crisis...not because of immigration, or health tourists...but because it’s been chronically underfunded for years. 

And now, after the Leave campaign promised us that we’d have more money for the NHS after Brexit, what we’ve actually got..is even less. Brexit is costing our country billions..money that our NHS really needs. 

You may not know this, but our health service is being quietly privatised. Nearly 10% of our NHS has already been sold off to private companies, and this is why we should be so worried about Brexit.

It’s very likely that our NHS will be part of a trade deal with the U.S. and be sold off to American corporations. And what would that mean for you? Well..the end of free health care, and the beginning of expensive medical insurance and bills.

Brexit will damage Britain’s health. Thousands of EU doctors and nurses have already left the U.K. because of Brexit and our NHS is desperately short of staff. I see the problem and I’m worried about it, because my patients are suffering..and one day it might be my mum, or yours, or your child, that is let down by a health service that’s been broken by Brexit.

So that’s why the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing are supporting the People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, because the public deserve a final say on what will happen to our country..and to our NHS. 

Further Links

Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/brexitvideo

Our Twitter: @brexitvideo

Our supporting website and video references: www.getthetruth.org.uk

Contact us: [email protected]

Peter Caires animation: https://www.petercaires.com/

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The Brexit Video (YouTube link)

The Election Video (screenshots)




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