Newton Tutors

Newton Tutors

The funds are for start up costs for a worldwide tutoring buisness.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The project is to be worldwide, building up a network of well qualified educators in all areas of education for ages 9 to 100!

All tutors will be checked for any criminal background so that all are safe while in the care of one of our tutors.

The buisness will be based only on-line using skype. The advantages are that start up costs are low and the potential revenue is huge. It also means the buisness can be worldwide and franchises can be sold in each country which will increase income.

Also parent/careers will feel safe in the knowledge that they can supervise any lesson. The lessons could  be viewed on a tablet or smartphone.

Each tutor would earn between 20-40 GBP depending on the level taught and we would charge  10-15 GBP per lesson. Even with just 100 tutors teaching 2 lessons per week we could earn £3000 per week. As the buisness would be world wide the sky really is the limit.