by TR7 Skate in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

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To create and build an all-weather, safe indoor facility for all ages to improve their skills in skateboarding. Welcome to our project!

by TR7 Skate in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

Have you ever wanted your child to be part of a community that does not discriminate against age, gender or ability? A safe place where you or your kids can grow in sporting capabilities, creativity and develop social skills? 

  • To raise £15,000 to create and build an all-weather, indoor facility for all ages to improve their skills in skateboarding. Ensuring us to be able to keep working hard until our doors open to the public.
  • To provide a safe space which encourages physical activities, helps to develop social skills and pushes creativity for youths and adults alike. 
  • To bring together the local community and visitors by creating a progressive venue for the younger generation, older generations and visitors; helping nurture Newquay’s social society. We want to raise awareness to those who have it more difficult than others.

Skateboarding has been established in Newquay and the surrounding area for around 50 years to date. In 2004 ‘Wooden Waves’ was the first skate park to be opened in the town. However, due to over-exposure to typical Cornish weather, began to deteriorate owed to its wooden structure and became dilapidated and unsafe for users.

More recently, Newquay locals were spoilt by the local council with an up to date, progressive, concrete skatepark constructed by Maverick Skateparks. This has gained a high number of users, from younger riders discovering the sport for the first time, to veteran riders re-discovering their passion.

As an outdoor skatepark open to the public and the Cornish elements, this space can only be used weather dependant and can become overcrowded with a mix of scooter riders, bikers and skateboarders. This can create an overcrowded environment which can become dangerous; especially for beginners.

With a progressive amount of skateparks in the county, however, with only one indoor facility available (a 45 minute drive from Newquay), it becomes unaffordable for most locals to keep up with progressive skating, especially if you do not own a vehicle. 

We believe that with the creation of Newquay's first indoor skatepark, run by skaters, for skaters, that we will be providing a whole community a doorstep solution to participate in sport. With a controlled capacity to maintain a safe environment for children at all times, as well as eradicating the weather dependency.

A small team of local skateboarders known as ‘TR7 SKATE’. Established in 2018 our team is passionate about skateboarding and we wish to share our passion with anybody who wishes to be a part of it.

We have grown as a brand TR7 SKATE considerably; however, selling our own branded products from our shop is just the beginning! We founded the brand with the ambition and drive of giving back to the local community and visitors in Newquay. 

TR7 SKATE already offers skateboarding lessons; which can be very beneficial to those who are complete beginners or to improve on skills of progressing skaters. These lessons are proving a great hit, yet we feel that with our own, controlled, safe environment that we can provide a more elite space to run our program in.

We are relocating to Prow Park, Newquay. 

A walking distance from the local outdoor skatepark, Concrete Waves.

                                  WE ARE HERE

 If you are coming by car, you can find us next to Lidl, Morrisons, McDonald’s and a number of local businesses.

A 1,550 sq ft indoor training facility for all ages, ranging from beginners to professionals. 

The park will include a large mini ramp alongside a street orientated section, as well as flat ground area which is perfect for beginners to learn the basics such as pushing. There will be a spectator area provided for those who just wish to watch. The project will also deliver quality equipment available for hire, a water supply to keep you hydrated, snacks and soft drinks. The space where we will be located already has toilets installed.

With skateboarding growing colossally worldwide and soon to be an Olympic sport, we want to provide a space where anyone interested in this activity can learn and practice, regardless of the weather or their abilities!

Aside from the physical benefits that regular participation can provide, skateboarding workshops will offer the opportunity to learn a gratifying skill in a supportive environment—teaching respect for others, cheering each other on, and the importance of persistence after failure. Skateboarding is a great way of making new friends and having fun!

There are no rules or structures within the skateboarding world, no right or wrong way of doing things. Whilst this is incredibly freeing, we aim to teach children respectfulness and drive. You learn for yourself, however, become part of a collective with a sense of belonging; which is especially important for teenagers and vulnerable children. 

Newquay has well over 20 different surf schools and is a hugely popular surf destination. The council have already made the first big move for skating by providing Concrete Waves, who is to say it should stop there? Newquay already has one of, if not the strongest skateboarding scene in Cornwall. Therefore, why not create a space for further growth?!

We would love to increase the youth participation, engaging with the local schools by providing a wide range of sessions, lessons, clubs and events.

Anyone who wishes to learn, from beginners, to professionals, locals and visitors. 

We will provide dedicated hours for different levels of skateboarding. We are predominantly a skateboarding park, however, we will offer a slot specifically for scooters once a week too.

We will offer packages for groups of friends, schools, clubs, corporate groups and birthday parties! We will also host events and competitions! 

Owned and managed by local skaters, we can provide help to anyone to achieve their goals in skateboarding, combining 1-to-1 classes, advice and support from our team and community! 

Members and learners will progress quicker receiving advice in techniques and having the option of professional support. With the guidance of experienced skateboarders in a controlled environment they will be able to achieve their goals at a quicker rate.

You do not need to be a member! We will offer the option of memberships or one-time entry passes. Membership will include offers and special discounts, such as 50% off equipment hire and 10% off in our TR7 SKATEBOARDING store.

Our team of coaches will be trained in first aid and DBS checked. They all have experience in teaching groups of children and a lifetime of skateboarding knowledge. We will also provide you with skateboards and protective gear for rent if necessary.

There will be 2 hour time slots assigned to each specific skate group such as: beginner, intermediate, advanced. This will help you become more comfortable within your own level skating before deciding to join the open sessions. This will increase confidence in ability and also your safety!

Remember! We will provide group classes, private tuition and party hire!

  • To help us open as soon as possible and engage in the local community  (Winter 2019-20) 
  • To be able to provide an elite skatepark and top quality equipment. 
  • To let us know that you believe in this opportunity as much as we do! 

This part is very important! 

We need your help to turn our new warehouse into a fully functional youth centre/ skatepark. 

We have already had a large ramp donated by Junkyard (thank you very much guys) as a starting point, with your help we can provide the rest of the materials needed to create the best indoor skatepark.

The indoor facility will be a great asset to the local community and we have just about everything in place to start creating our dream! We will provide a professional and safe environment, working with qualified experts through the whole floor plan, design and building  process. Risk assessment will be thoroughly investigated.

Find here all the information about the different rewards! From the exclusive 'Founder's Collection' products up to 6 months of lessons at a reduced price :)

"Founder's Collection"

"Reo Jewels One-Off Ring"

Also, we will be doing a prize draw where you can win lots of TR7 Skate products for only £10!

More details about our rewards:

- Usual price for Open Sessions will be £7 (for 2 hours)

- Lessons per month will be organized depending on time preferences but will be one 1 hour lesson per week.

- Membership consists of having a block session system were you will pay £40 for one month of 10 x 2 hours sessions, whenever open sessions are available. They will also include amazing discounts on equipment hire if needed and our TR7 Skate Shop

- Any further information you need please contact us :)

For the businesses that want to support, if you have any enquiries please send us an email over


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£25 or more

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1 Year Full Sponsorship to the skatepark + Your branding on all TR7 Skate Promo/Edits + Name on Founders Wall

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