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Grow and Train Young Racehorses for a completely New Method, with water exercises.

by Iurii Kravchuk in Cheveley, England, United Kingdom

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( Information can help you when choosing to purchase a horse or even for racing )

The main plan is

 Buy 6-8 months old Thoroughbred racehorses foals 

Daily work with young horses ;give gradually physical work in order to build up muscle mass ,training in water Treadmill for a good shape of the foal's body, feed the selected food with the addition of vitamins and minerals for a maximum of a strong healthy horse

Why I chose this business

Firstly,I know how this business works out of my practice .

Secondly, when you buy a small foal, no one knows natural talent of this horse, basically the price of a foal consists only of a pedigree.The talent and good body shape in the racehorse is expressed in the age of one and half to two years old ,in this way we can find and grow a golden horse, with a small investment of the right training at a young  horses age.

My privileges in this business 

 I know how to choose a foal when buying ,when looking at his body and pedigree.Always interesting foals that go first from the pedigree of the mare or stallion ,no one is sure what they can show in racing and of course they have a low price to buy.Then it is necessary to look at the foal; when was born earlier in the year better of course, they are stronger and look bigger, as the horse years are considered only after the new year not including the month of birth.All  the legs of the foal must be level so that there are no curvatures inward or outward, the hoof should not be straight down(with such a hoof, the horse is not allowed to race in the UK and Ireland),the constitution of the foal should not be very long body because there will be problems with the back during work under the saddle and also should not be short because there will be a small growth , the old saying" the more big ears horse have-the better horse will be"( I made sure of this in my experience all the good Group racehorses was with big heads and big ears) and also big horses are always much calmer and more confident in the racing  and they have less problems with injuries such as they are more preserving themselves .

 All my horses that started work in training will walk in water Treadmill, this gives a good result of adding and strengthening the muscle, also the respiratory system will develop well  in the young horses, which we need for a good shape on the sale when vets will test the respiratory system of a horse with a probe .After training Yearlings will walk in water Treadmill to cool and strengthen the tendons and joints on their legs, which additional training system is recommended by the sets of equestrian vets around the world.Water Treadmill give us a good physical shape for horses with minimal injuries during training and without interfering with the natural growth of the foals.I have not heard or seen a single Horse Breaking stable who are engaged in preparing young horses to use water Treadmill, since it takes a lot of working time to training a foals.Secondly all my horses during training will keep heads down, this is necessary for the best planting and for the preservation back muscles which is very important for sports horses ,this is known all horse trainers, but most of the racing riders do not know how to teach a young horse to keep his head down, and how to right teach easy control the horse.With my practice, I know how to teach the different characters of horses, how to properly and gradually step by step educate the Yearlings to enjoys their training process, while it will achieve better physical shape and also the best race performance.

Since I already have two horses for sale  this year, I can show that this business is absolutely flourish in my hands.

Anyone can come and see live for sale Yearlings in October as my horses look

Zebedee / Peach Bloom -  October Yearlings Sale Book 3

Camacho / Toparaly -  October Yearlings Sale Book 3

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